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Seller Account Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to the most popular questions we are asked about the Nochex Seller Account. You may also like to read our Key Features. If you still require further information not mentioned here, you can also try our Help Centre.


Can I accept International payments?

No. You can only accept UK payments with a Nochex Seller Account. If you need to accept international payments, then you will need to apply for a Nochex Merchant Account.

What is the maximum transaction limit?

With a Nochex Seller account you can receive instant card payments of up to 100 from any non-member of Nochex and 300 a day from any full member. If you need to accept individual payments of more than 100 then you will need to apply for a Nochex Merchant Account.

Do I need to have an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) and a Payment Gateway (PSP) to use the Nochex Seller Account?

No, A Nochex Seller Account is a complete, all in one, online payment solution. Nochex is different from other internet payment methods in that it combines the equivalent features of an Internet Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway, rolled into one easy to manage account.

A Nochex Seller account significantly reduces the time, effort and expense of having to have a number of payment service accounts. Just one Nochex account enables you to manage the whole payment process from start to finish, which is why Nochex is fast becoming the most popular and trusted way to accept online payments.

What is the difference between a Nochex Seller Account and Nochex Merchant Account?

A Nochex Seller account is the quick and easy way for new and small businesses to accept online payments, with the least amount of hassle. The application process is carried out automatically (no setup fee) and there is a minimal amount of contact with Nochex.

The Nochex Seller account has a reduced amount of features and functionality, compared to what you get with a Nochex Merchant Account, such as: reduced transaction limits, UK only payments, a fixed transaction rate, email only support. Please compare our accounts more details and to see which account is best for your online business.

How will customers purchases appear on their card statements?

All transactions carried out by Nochex will appear as 'Nochex' on your customers card statements. You should make your customers aware that this will be the case at the time of the transaction.

Can I take orders over the phone?

No, not at this current time, we only process online payments, but we are currently looking at this as a future development.

Do you offer a repeat billing functionality?

No, we do not currently offer this at this time.

Which credit and debit cards do you facilitate?

We currently allow you to accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Switch, Solo, Visa Debit (Delta) *, Visa Electron, Maestro

* Some older Visa Debit cards may carry the "Delta" logo on the card. They can also be identified by the word "Debit" printed on the front of the card.

Do I need to have a website?

No, but you must have a website that is either fully working, or a near complete, fully functional working version, that is in development and which shows intended products, prices and show a clear indication of how your customers will pay you.


If you are applying as an eBay seller, you must have a very significant amount of transactions (usually at least 100) and an overwhelmingly positive feedback score.


If you have payment links on other people's websites, forums, blogs emails or other online locations, we must be able to view them so that we can evaluate them.

How do I apply for Nochex Seller Account?

Applying for a Nochex Seller Account is quick and easy, you can apply now online.

Are there any restrictions to the use of a Nochex Seller Account?

There are restrictions as to products, goods and services that we cannot accept when applying for a Seller Account. Please read our Eligibility and Acceptable Use policy to find out more on this.

When will the funds from my sales be credited into my Nochex account?

As soon as a sale has been confirmed, the funds are deposited immediately into your Nochex account. If you request to withdraw funds from your Nochex account to your registered bank account, this is usually completed within three working days (the same as a normal cash transfer).

What information and reports can I access within my Nochex account?

The Nochex Merchant Control Panel gives you real-time access to an easy to use online management information system. You are provided with a variety of tools to enable you to access the key information you require, giving you better customer service, streamlined reporting and complete control of your account, and all from one simple interface. Please see website integration for more details.

What support is available for queries related to settlements and customer disputes?

Seller Account holders can get friendly and responsive email customer support whenever it is needed.

One of the biggest costs and risks for many online sellers and merchants is card fraud. The Nochex Chargeback Protection system is a free service that we provide to Sellers and has been specifically designed to help you both reduce your risk of card fraud, and give your customers increased confidence in your payment system. Please read our Fraud Prevention page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
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