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Providing you with a range of impressive features and entry level transaction and withdrawal limits, a Nochex Seller Account provides you with a complete online payment package that gives you the power to start trading online.

If you require the ability to accept transactions over £100, require larger withdrawal limits, need to accept international payments, would like a custom branded payment checkout page and all with phone support from a dedicated account manager, then you may find our Merchant Account to be the better choice for your business.

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Low transaction fees - Just 2.9% + 20p per transaction. No monthly or annual fees!Live Demo - View our live demo store to see Nochex in action!3D Secure Enabled
Seller Account


Combined merchant account and gateway

A Nochex Seller Account offers you a total online payment service. Unlike many other payment services, you don’t need both a separate internet merchant account and a payment gateway (traditionally difficult to obtain for new and small businesses with limited trading history).


Instant cash withdrawals

You can immediately withdraw funds from your Nochex account to your registered bank account; this is usually completed within three working days (the same as a normal cash transfer).

Cashflow is important to all new and growing business, and it is our goal for our Merchants to be able to sell easily and get paid easily.


Accept all major credit and debit cards

Give your customers a full choice of payment options that they demand and increase your sales. You will be able to accept the following credit and debit cards. Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Solo, Maestro, Visa Electron and Visa Debit (Delta) *

* Some older Visa Debit cards may carry the "Delta" logo on the card. They can also be identified by the word "Debit" printed on the front of the card.


Accepted territories

Nochex Seller account holders are only able to process UK payments. If you require the facility to process UK and International payments, then a Nochex Merchant Account will be better suited to your requirements.


Standard hosted payment page

The standard Nochex branded payment page enables you to take online card payments in real-time. The payments page is hosted on our own secure servers, which is protected with our own SSL certificate (128 bit secure) and operates on extremely reliable system architecture.

You cannot customise the standard payment page to look like your website or add your own company logo. If you would like this facility then you will require a Nochex Merchant Account.


Shopping cart compatible

Nochex is supported by and integrated into an ever growing number of the most popular ecommerce shopping carts.  This means that integrating Nochex into your website is a breeze. We even provide shopping cart integration guides for the most popular shopping carts.

Please see our list of supported shopping carts for more information.


Quick and easy to integrate

Enabling your website to accept Nochex payments is quick and easy. In most cases, you will only need a basic knowledge of HTML and we have simple guides to help you.

We also provide our Automatic Payment Confirmation (APC). This functionality allows you to integrate your Nochex payments with your website's back-end operations, so you get immediate confirmation and authentication of the Nochex payments you receive.


Online reporting & management area

The Nochex Seller Control Panel gives you real-time access to an easy to use online management information system.

You are provided with a variety of tools to enable you to access the key information you require, giving you better customer service, streamlined reporting and complete control of your account, and all from one simple interface.


Online auction friendly

Nochex is easy to use within online auctions and is one of only a few trusted payment methods approved by all the major online auctions.

By providing your auction customers with a choice of payment options, you can dramatically increase your sales conversions.


Maximum transaction value

The maximum transaction value is the maximum total value of money (£’s) that can be accepted in a single transaction.

With a Nochex Seller Account you can receive instant card payments of up to £100 from customers and £300 a day from full members of Nochex.

With a Nochex Merchant Account you can receive instant card payments up to your maximum transaction limit which can be up to £1,000 from both customers and full members of Nochex. Your maximum transaction limit is negotiated during the application process.

In certain circumstances and upon gaining a successful trading history with Nochex, Merchant Account holders may be able to negotiate even higher maximum transaction values.


Daily withdrawal limit

For each account, we set a maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn each day.

For Seller Account holders the daily withdrawal limit is fixed at £500 with a maximum amount of £1,000 that can be withdrawn in any seven day period.

For Merchant Account holders the daily withdrawal limit is negotiable on a case by case basis. Typically, the maximum daily withdrawal limit can be in the region of £2,000 with a maximum amount of £7,000 that can be withdrawn in any seven day period.

In certain circumstances and upon gaining a successful trading history with Nochex, Merchant Account holders may be able to negotiate higher daily withdrawal limits.


Consumer probation period

Having a Nochex Seller Account allows non-members of Nochex to send you a one-off payment (or series of payments) of up to £100 from any one credit or debit card.

If however a non-member wants to send you a series of payments totalling more than £100 from the same card then they will have to wait for the probation period (75 days) to lapse. Alternatively they could sign up for a Nochex Personal account or they could just use a different card.

The Nochex Merchant account imposes no such probation period on non-members, as such it allows customers of yours to make repeat payments to you without any restrictions.


Transaction rate

Our competitive transaction rates are some of the lowest in the market. Not only that, but unlike other payment services, our rates combine both the cost of the IMA fee (internet merchant account) and the payment processing fee in one!

Compare our prices and minimal fees and you will soon see that Nochex is the much more cost effective way to accept card payments.

The Merchant Account charging structure is competitively tiered, so the more you process the lower your % rate can become.


Set up charge

* Whilst there is no initial set up charge, there is a non refundable random credit/debit card validation fee of between 0.01p and 1.99p taken from your card during the sign up process in order to validate your account.


Monthly fees or annual fees

Unlike other payment companies, Nochex do not charge you any monthly or annual fees. You are free to just pay as you go. We don’t even lock you into any restrictively long contracts - you can leave any time you like – but we know you won’t!


Retained balance

When you successfully apply for a Nochex Merchant Account you agree that Nochex holds a retained balance. This is an amount of money that we require you to always have retained in your account to cover the risk of any chargebacks. The value of the retained balance will be agreed with you when you apply for the account. This amount is typically between 5% and 15% of one month’s turnover.

The retained balance is normally built up from transactions you receive. You do not have to deposit this amount yourself and if you ever close your Nochex Merchant Account the retained balance will be refunded to you, less any allowance for chargebacks within a maximum of 180 days. We have to retain the balance for 180 days because chargebacks can still occur several months after the closure of an account.


Email support

Nochex Seller Account holders benefit from fast, helpful email customer support. Currently, UK phone support is only available for Nochex Merchant Account holders.


Account manager with phone support

All Nochex Merchant Account holders have their own dedicated Account Manager who are based in the UK who you can reach directly by telephone or email.


AVS and CV2 checking

All Nochex transactions are AVS and CV2 checked automatically as standard. AVS (Address Verification Service) checks involve checking a cardholder’s address against that of the billing address of the card used.

CV2 (card security code) checks involve checking to see that the 3 digit ‘security code’, usually found on the back of the card entered by the cardholder, matches that held by the card issuer.


3D Secure enabled

As part of our ongoing commitment to help reduce your fraud risk, all Nochex transactions are checked for participation with 3D Secure – the leading ‘internet authentication protocol’ designed by Visa and MasterCard.

3D secure can be thought of as an online version of ‘chip and pin’ technology, whereby the cardholder has a personalised password registered with their card that is input during the checkout process. By using 3D Secure, you can actively reduce your risk of fraud and chargebacks.

We believe all Merchants should be entitled to run their online businesses in the most secure way possible, whilst minimising their risk of fraud. This is why we offer this service to all accounts at no additional charge.


Account login required?

Certain other Emoney payment services require the customer to create or login to their account before the payment can be processed.

A Nochex account does not require such an additional login procedure. Customers can pay simply and quickly with their preferred credit or debit card.

As a result of this streamlined process, abandoned shopping carts are reduced thus increasing your sales and profits!


VAT registration required?

Nochex do not require merchants to be registered for VAT before they can open and operate an account. We have designed our service to be accessible to merchants of all sizes, regardless of their company status and size.

Combined merchant account and gateway
Instant cash withdrawals Tick
Accept all major credit and debit cards Tick
Accepted territories UK only
Standard hosted payment page Tick
Shopping cart compatible Tick
Quick and easy to integrate Tick
Online reporting & management area Tick
Online auction friendly Tick
Account limits  
Maximum transaction value £100
Daily withdrawal limit £500
Fees & Pricing  
Transaction rate (per transaction) 2.9% +20p
Set up charge Free*
Monthly fees or annual fees None
Email support Tick
Account manager with phone support No
Anti-fraud tools  
AVS and CV2 checking Tick
3D Secure enabled Tick
Why Nochex is different  
Account login required? No
VAT registration required? No
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