Bumblebee Auctions

Buy with Bumblebee Auctions – Open a Nochex Personal Account Now!

Let Bumblebee Auctions show you the way to a treasure trove of competitively priced auction lots – don’t miss out!
In order to bid you need to sign-up for a Nochex Personal account. This will only take a moment, and you only need to do it once. When it is in place you will be able to make secure payments for the items you win with Bumblebee.

To verify your account in order that you can buy using Bumblebee Auctions we receive a small once-only variable amount of up to £3 from the card you registered with your Nochex account for this. This random amount is non-redeemable.

Why Nochex?

Since Bumblebee Auctions is an authorised Police Auction site, they take security very seriously, and naturally they have chosen the security of the Nochex Personal Account for your payments.

Registration should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Apply now for a Nochex Bumblebee Auctions account

What information is needed?

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your email address

We use these details to check that we have your correct email address and will send you a 4 digit PIN. Make a note of the PIN and then follow the link in the email you will have receive from us. Using this PIN number you will then arrive at our secure Personal Account Card Registration page where you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details and your date of birth.

The information you need to supply to obtain a Nochex Bumblebee Auctions account

What happens next?

By submitting this information to us, you have created your Nochex Personal Account! You will receive an email confirming this, usually within a few minutes. You can now continue your Bumblebee Auctions registration.

What happens after you have applied for your Nochex Bumblebee Auctions account