FREE Workshop for Fundraisers in Leeds

Learning & Networking for Charity Fundraisers

Free fundraising workshop for local charity workers and fundraisers.

Date & Time

Thursday 24th October 2019

09:30 – 15:30


Leeds Beckett University.

Details to follow.

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If you would like to attend, please let us know.

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Workshop for Fundraisers

Come to our Workshop for Fundraisers and spend your time learning, talking about and solving some of the challenges you face.

Learn from other fundraisers in your area, find out how they’ve dealt with similar problems, and share your experience.

Make some useful contacts. Maybe make some new friends.

Think of it as if it were one of those often valuable networking chat sessions you have at regular conferences. This time you can do it all within the space of one half-day.




It’s a workshop – be prepared to work hard

Our Workshop for Fundraisers is a half-day event for fundraisers. It is informal and relaxed: there are no set speakers and no set topics. As a participant you are invited to suggest a topic at the beginning of the day. It could be something you know about, it could be a problem or a question you have and you want help on.

Be prepared to speak on it – not with a Powerpoint or anything like that (but we will have whiteboards and flip-charts available). When we all agree the topic sessions at the beginning of the day, chances are there will be others who want join you in the session.

Our Workshop for Fundraisers may be informal, but it is incredibly practical. No-one is coming to judge the quality of how you present. Everyone will be there wanting to improve their fundraising.


The day will be planned out between us in the first half-hour. After that, there will be two, three or four short sessions (30 – 45 mins) at any one time running throughout the day.

Go to the ones that interest you most. If it’s not quite right for you, you’re allowed to leave and go to another session. (Imagine doing that at a regular formal conference!).

We encourage participants in each session to take notes of what gets shared and learned, and then for these to be shared online – as a blog post, a video, or a photo.


Rules of the Workshop

If there are rules, then these probably cover them:

– Do join in rather than expect to hide at the back of the room
– Share what you know at the event
– Afterwards, share what you learn from the event online e.g. via a blog post
– Be nice to others, enjoy a different kind of event
– No commercial selling


We will invite half a dozen or so local fundraising or business experts to help ensure we’ve got even more practical knowledge and experience available at the event.


Why ‘Workshop for Fundraisers’?

We have been helping charities and fundraisers for many years. Working closely with charities we identified that often the best way to work was to get people together – talking and listening. Often the best solutions arrive simply from discussion.

We were inspired to run a local event like this for smaller charity fundraisers by other similar events. These events focus on sharing ideas, skills and experience, rather than speaker-led events that treat attendees as an audience that listens, but has little opportunity to take part.

Our workshop intends to involve you from the very beginning!

Apart from the workshop what else will I get?

Morning refreshments are provided as well as a buffet lunch as part of your place.

Everyone who signs up for a place will receive a free donations enabled website and Nochex Charity Account. This means you can accept donations and collect gift aid at our very low charity rate. Our standard terms for charities apply to this account.

Attendees will receive a certificate to indicate they have attended.

free charity donations website to take payments online

Terms and conditions

By booking a place, you accept the following terms and conditions:

Videos and photographs of participants will be taken at the event and then published and you give Nochex Ltd permission so to do.

Nochex Ltd reserves the right to amend the details of the event as set out above.

Should the event be cancelled, Nochex Ltd limits its responsibility to the workshop only, not any expenses you might have incurred e.g. travel or accommodation.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch.