Dip-Slides – a global success story from Scotland

If you have seen the Academy award winning actress Julia Roberts in the movie Erin Brockovich, then you will certainly understand how damaging, and potentially fatal, exposure to waste materials from some industrial processes can be. And, if you run an operation that uses similar industrial processes, you would want to take steps to avoid producing pollutants rather than exposing your business to costly litigation!

One of the products used in the movie to test for the presence of microorganisms in water was a dip slide. A dip slide (or dipslide) is the most frequently used method to measure and observe microbial activity in liquid-based systems.

Dip-Slides – the most frequently used method to measure and observe microbial activity in liquid-based systems

Fortunately, a quietly understated but very successful business in the historic county town of Fife, has an item that many businesses use to keep their food products safe. Dip-slides.com, based in Cupar, Scotland, supplies a range of high quality dip slides and related products that are trusted by customers around the world.

Creating the perfect dip slide takes years of experience and technical skills. Get it wrong and you are liable to have lots of problems with your dip slide tests.

Demand for high quality Microbiological dip slides from around the world has grown hugely in recent years, which has resulted in many examples of poor quality and unreliable slides entering the market. Recognising the rising interest in using only high quality dip slides, in 2016 the Dip-slides.com website was created specifically to tap into this demand from around the world.

“We would not hesitate to recommend Nochex”

Will Russell is a director of Dip-Slides.com and was instrumental in selecting Nochex as its online payments method. He identified that the business would need a payment solution that would work and be recognised internationally. He was also concerned that as a seller in a very large international market the business should be protected from unscrupulous buyers who are known to defraud the unwary in this market. So he chose Nochex to protect their payments.

“We have been using Nochex since the launch of our online service over a year ago and have never had any issues with the quality of service provided.

It was very quick and easy to integrate into our online ecommerce platform and has provided our customers with a convenient and secure way to purchase online. The additional security options such as 3D Secure allow us to be confident that all possible security measures have been taken to avoid fraud and malicious transactions.

The customer service has always been informative and helpful with answering all of our queries and allowed dip-slides.com to continue to expand online without hindrance.

We would not hesitate to recommend Nochex to any company looking to trade online in a secure manner.”

To find out more about Dip-Slides visit their website at www.dip-slides.com.

We would not hesitate to recommend Nochex