One of Nochex longest standing account holders is celebrating the launch of a new website. Impress, the Nottingham based printer with national and international sales has launched the new website to focus on its high end luxury print solutions.

With more than 35 years’ of experience in the industry, the staff at have an instinct for spotting trends in print and acting upon them before their competitors. With an innovative artwork team at their customers’ disposal Impress ensure the absolute best possible finish to their work.

The company has a proven track record printing 760 micron plastic membership and loyalty cards as well as specialist expertise in hologram printing, plus more general print. The move into the high end print market is a natural progression for this exciting business.

“Our aim is to give our customers the tools to get them and their brand noticed. Our philosophy is that when you hand over one of our products it will always create a lasting impression”, says Karl Sheriston, Impress marketing manager. “Alongside our core products we’ve spent the best part of a year researching and developing our new range of products with the help of our clients.”


“Amongst our most innovative new products is a 3D business cards that use a lenticular barrier to create eye popping depth without the need for extra equipment, and the same technology can be used to create several frames of moving image on your business card. One thing for certain is that these cards will not be shoved into a pocket or dusty wallet and be forgotten; they will be a talking point. Studied, admired and passed around.”

With so many top quality new products it is definitely the metal cards that the team are most proud of, as Karl explains. “This is truly a VIP product, a 0.3mm firm, but flexible stainless steel card with your design etched and colour screen printed. We can even incorporate cut out sections into your design; this truly is a perfect business card for a CEO or business owner. As well as that, with the addition of barcodes and signature strips they make a great exclusive membership card”.

To celebrate the website’s launch are giving away one-hundred etched metal stainless steel business cards on their site: [The competition closed on 14th February 2017]

On their relationship with Nochex, Karl is straight to the point “Nochex does what it says on the tin. They are very straightforward to work with, as are we. We have always wanted an uncomplicated payment solution, one that our customers will hardly notice because it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Having helped us through the last ten years, we believe they will be able help us with the next ten years as well”.

"Having helped us through the last ten years, we believe they will be able to help us with the next ten years as well."