Meg Heath Dog Leads – not such a shaggy dog story

When Sarah Gleave started Meg Heath Dog Leads in 2006, she had very little idea how much her new business was going to change her life. Having moved to Lincoln in 2002 she was struggling to keep the wolf from the door of her dog rescue centre and had a home that was in need of some significant tender loving care. These were challenging times for Sarah and she was on the lookout for a business idea that she could excel at.

In July 2006 Sarah went to the Heckington Show, not far from Lincoln, and her life was transformed. “When I went to Heckington Show I was inspired by a stall there that was selling dog leads. I thought ‘I can do this, and I can do it much better’. When I got home I set about beginning my new business, and soon after I bought a Yamata industrial sewing machine. I was a self-taught user having first laughed my way through the Japanese set up instructions!”

That sewing machine is still being put to hard use today and it has seen some serious action over the years. The business that started out with little more than an indecipherable foreign sewing machine has grown by bounds through word of mouth and the support of a whole lot of regular customers who keep coming back to her.

“The special thing about my business is that I understand dogs and I understand their owners. I have been around dogs for more years than I care to think about and I know how important the relationship is between dog and owner. I make dog leads that are right for each animal, and I sometimes make bespoke items that owners want to help with an aspect of their dog walking or training.”

“Nochex come highly recommended from me”

As the name suggests Meg Heath Dog Leads supply dog leads, but they also provide dog collars, dog harnesses, walking aids – head collars – and totally bespoke ideas. All the items in their store are handmade in the UK. Customer service is very important and delivery can be fast from an order being placed. They stock a wide range of colours and are always on the look out to expand their range. If you can’t find what you are looking for you are encouraged to contact Sarah and say what it is that you would like.

Having been a dog owner and a kennel owner and dog trainer too, Sarah is well placed to make any kind of dog lead and collar to very high standards. As her business grew she brought the same high standards to bear when she needed to find a payment solution that took as much care as she does.

“I began using Nochex about two years after I started Meg Heath Dog Leads. My business is very personal to me and I prefer to work with real people who listen properly to what I have to say and care as passionately about my business as I do.”

“I have come to find that the Nochex customer service is good and you can actually call them too! Integration is easy and the cost of the WordPress plugin I use has been well worth the money. Nochex is an easy to use service and charges you at a per-transaction rate, and then you can easily withdraw your funds in to your bank account through their user-friendly dash board on their website. They come highly recommended from me and I have no plans to use anyone else.”

Meg Heath Dog Leads
"Nochex come highly recommended from me and I have no plans to use anyone else."