Eligibility & Acceptable Use

Nochex would like to offer our Merchant Account services to as many types of business as possible. However, there are certain requirements and restrictions of use that you must conform to before your application can be approved.


  • You are likely to be processing at least £500 per month. If you think that you will process less than this and don’t need to accept international payments, the Nochex UK Trader Account may be a more suitable solution for your online business.
  • We must be able to view your ‘Live’ fully functional website on your stated domain, or a fully functional version we can view in a development location, that is soon to go ‘Live’. If you are an eBay only seller, we would have to evaluate the status of your eBay account to determine your eligibility.

Acceptable Use

There are certain activities, goods and services that may not be undertaken or sold by holders of a Nochex Merchant Account. Please read our Acceptable Use Policy for more information.


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