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Listed below are answers to the most popular questions we are asked about the Nochex Merchant Account. You may also like to read our Key Features. If you still require further information not mentioned here, you can also try our Help Centre.


Yes we can enable your account to accept international payments. You can request international payments when you apply for your account or at any after this by contacting your account manager. We spilt international payments down onto two groups; Safe Western European countries and the rest of the World, this includes countries that are potentially liable to increased fraud.

Please note that requesting international payments may increase you retained balance, especially if you want to receive payments from high risk territories.

No, but we allow you to accept payments from overseas cards and the funds you receive will always be in pounds sterling.
This is an amount of money that we require you to always have retained in your account to cover the risk of any chargebacks.

This money is always returned to you within 180 days after you have closed down your Nochex Merchant Account. We have to retain the balance for 180 days because chargebacks can still occur several months after the closure of the account.

A chargeback happens when a customer contacts a credit card-issuing bank to initiate a refund for a purchase they made on their credit card. There are many reasons why chargebacks arise but mostly, they are the result of a customer being dissatisfied with their purchase.

Please click here for more information about chargebacks.

Transactions will show as “NOCHEX [your designated Doing Business As name], LEEDS GB 0113 344 3996” on your customers bank / card statements.
No, a Nochex Merchant Account is a complete, all in one, online payment solution. We look after the whole process for you. This can save you extra money and gives you the added benefit of being able to manage all your payment needs from within one place.
With a Nochex Merchant Account you can receive instant card payments up to your maximum transaction limit which can be up to £1,000 from both customers and full members of Nochex. Your maximum transaction limit is negotiated during the application process.

In certain circumstances and upon gaining a successful trading history with Nochex, Merchant Account holders may be able to negotiate even higher maximum transaction values.

Yes, you can. To find out more click on the link. here
Yes, we do. To find out more click on the link here
We support the following cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Maestro.
Yes, you must have a website that is either working or a nearly complete that shows intended products, prices and indicates how customers will pay you.


If you have payment links on other people’s websites, forums, blogs emails or other online locations, we must be able to view them so we can evaluate them.

Applying is quick and easy, you can Apply Now online.
There are restrictions as to products/goods/services that we can not accept for our Merchant Account. Please read our Eligibility & Acceptable Use policy to find out more on this.
As soon as a sale has been confirmed, the funds are deposited immedietly into your Nochex account. If you request to withdraw funds from your nochex account to your registered bank account, this is usually completed within three working days (the same as a normal cash transfer).
The Nochex Merchant Control Panel gives you real-time access to an easy to use online management information system. You are provided with a variety of tools to enable you to access the key information you require, giving you better customer service, streamlined reporting and complete control of your account, and all from one simple interface. Please see website integration for more details.
Nochex Merchant account holders have their own Account Manager who you can reach directly by telephone or email. Your Account Manager is your first point of contact for any questions you have about your Nochex account. They have access to a wide variety of expert support including our Technical Support and Integration Teams, as we all as our Merchant Marketing Team. If you need help to understand our charges, or about how to resolve an issue with one of your customers, your Nochex Account Manager will be delighted to help you.

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