Payment Facilitator Programme

Nochex provides a service just for Payment Facilitators that makes it easier than ever before for you to offer a comprehensive range of card payment solutions to your sponsored sellers and clients.

This programme supports all leading card scheme brands and enables businesses like yours to offer a comprehensive range of payments to multiple clients, described here as sub-merchants. Put simply, as your payment facilitator we contract directly with your sub-merchants to let them use a payment solution endorsed by you that enables them to do payment processing and funding.

We aggregate your sub-merchants transactions within a framework dedicated to your online platform for reporting and tracking purposes. When you choose Nochex, you align your business with the industry leader in payment processing, funding, reporting, chargeback management and customer service for small and medium sized enterprises.

Offer Comprehensive Payment Solutions To Your Clients

  • MasterCard®
  • Visa®
  • American Express®
  • Maestro®
  • MasterPass™ by MasterCard® electronic wallet

Benefit With Nochex Payment Facilitator Programme

  • Retain ownership of your relationship with sub-merchants using your online platform
  • Flexibility and decision making control over who you want to board as a sub-merchant
  • Control over the funding process and timing of pay outs to sub-merchants
  • Earn a revenue share from the transactions processed through your sub-merchant base
  • …And, if you are driving the traffic to the merchant’s website, improve your cash flow by having Nochex collect a revenue share at source and credit it directly to you
  • Remove yourself from the risk associated with sensitive card data being compromised and incurring a hefty fine for breaches of PCI DSS
  • Remove yourself from the challenge of dealing with the card schemes. Use Nochex services as a Payment Facilitator as a competitive inclusive service for your business
  • Take yourself away from the headaches and overheads associated with financial regulation
  • We also provide you with personal support for your business every step of the way. You are assigned a relationship and account manager right from the very start to guide you through the process of setting up your master merchant programme, and for the clients you serve

Nochex is an accredited Payment Facilitator

Nochex is a Payment Facilitator. As a Payment Facilitator, Nochex is sponsored by two separate card acquiring banks and is formally registered with the two main Card schemes. This entitles Nochex to offer card processing facilities both to individual merchants, and to groups of merchants in conjunction with an aggregator.

Help With Your Payment Facilitator Programme When You Need It

Do you have any questions? Find out more about Nochex’ Payment Facilitator Programme, and serve your clients with the best payment solution today.

Let Nochex take the aggravation out of your payment aggregation