Recurring Payments puts you in control

A recurring payment is a payment that occurs at regular intervals for fixed amounts over a specified period of time. Unlike an ordinary online payment, you can keep earning for as long your customer continues to subscribe to your service, and some recurring payments can continue for a very long time. Add some certainty to your prospective revenue stream with recurring payments!

Take control of your future income

Simplify your invoicing. Our Recurring Billing service is designed to automate your customers’ recurring payments as well as provide you with a powerful selection of tracking and reporting tools. After a one-time entry of customer transaction information into our secure online interface, you can

  • Set up timed credit card and debit card transactions

  • Build fully flexible schedules (months or years)

  • Generate retries of declined transactions

  • Send email notifications to your customers

  • View detailed billing reports and customer transaction histories

How do I find out more?

If you are already an account holder please speak to your account manager about adding recurring payments to your account.

For more information on our account services please apply via the sign up page and we will get back to you within one working day.