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Start-ups and small businesses can find it difficult to stand out on the internet. Making sure that your website has responsive web pages is one way your website can compete on equal terms with the big players.

67% of online shoppers claim that they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website. Ensuring that you have a mobile-friendly website not only aligns you with the industry best practices, but might help you secure that extra sale!

Responsive Image

Responsive Image

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that is enabled to respond to the type of device that is being used to view the website.

Responsive Payment Pages

All Nochex payment pages are responsive to all popular devices. Once you have successfully integrated with the Nochex Service, when a customer makes a purchase from your website, they will be directed to the Nochex Payment Page.

Nochex can create custom payment pages to fit the design and feel of your website, giving shoppers a seamless transition between the two pages. This gives your website and company a professional feel.

Whatever type of device your customer is using, the Nochex website responds to best fit, whether it be a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Why have a responsive website?

Excluding certain types of customers is the last thing you want to do. By having an unresponsive website, mobile users may find it difficult to view and use your website. The frustration that this creates may cause potential customers to leave your website; visiting competitors, losing you sales.

Is your website mobile friendly? Take the Google test here.

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