Donations and payment services for schools

In these financially straightened times, Nochex provides schools and other educational establishments with a simple, straightforward way to accept payments and donations.

Use Nochex so your school can receive payments

Schools, educational organisations, and parents can save time and money with Nochex.

From fundraising to merchandise sales and beyond, we help make it easy for your school to get paid. Accept payments online, over the phone, via invoice, by credit or debit card.

Easier for you and parents

Open a Nochex account in minutes, and skip trips to the bank with digital transactions. Plus, using Nochex saves parents the hassle of writing checks or counting cash.

Secure transactions

Parents will be confident knowing their transactions are secure. And you will have more control, because digital transactions don’t get lost in a child’s rucksack.

Know who paid for what

Our schools’ control panel, and transaction searches make it easy to track every payment.

Online donations and sales

Nochex payment and donate buttons are the fast way to accept payments cards on your website. Just paste in a button and we’ll do the rest. If you need our help to get you started, just let us know.

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