Use Nochex branding to increase your sales

Why branding is so important

Successful retailing is anchored by trust; trust that you the supplier can supply the goods or services as promised. Winning this trust can be one of the hardest things there is to achieve.

Brands are the currency of trust. However good your product, unless people are willing to trust your website they will be unlikely to buy from you. Use reputable organisations’ branding to endorse your business and build your sales off of the back of their good reputation.

The brands that can help your business

The Nochex brand and the associated acceptable payment methods supported by the global card networks give your website an instant creditability that it might take years of successful trading for you to build up.

Position the Nochex accepted payments logos prominently across your website, shopping cart and checkout and you will enjoy the halo benefit of being associated with these reputable brands.

How to set-up Nochex branding on your website

128-bit Secure Payments by Nochex

Make sure that the ‘Pay Securely’ Nochex banner has the maximum possible visibility on your homepage. Position the banner either at the bottom, top or sides of the page, depending on the structure of the webpage.

Use your judgment to decide where the banner will have most impact and fit within your overall design. Most websites have a footer at the bottom of the page which will remain constant throughout the site, in this case position the ‘Pay Securely’ banner here. This will eliminate the need to undertake step 2.

Again, ideally this will mirror the homepage and be positioned either at the top, bottom or sides of the webpage. If this is not the case, it is not necessary to individually place the banner on each webpage.

In most instances, merchants will have some payment information located on one of the following pages:

  • Policy page
  • Terms & Conditions page
  • Privacy / Security page
  • Payments / Ordering page

Whichever page you have information about Nochex or payments on, add the ‘Pay Securely’ Nochex banner in the appropriate place. Again, use your knowledge to decide where is best to place this. With this, add the following standard description of Nochex:

Nochex is an independent provider of secure online credit and debit card payment services. Paying with Nochex enables you to make payments without revealing your financial details. Nochex uses the latest in anti-fraud technology and data encryption which means your information is kept safe and secure, reducing the risk of online fraud. Your customers do not need a Nochex account in order to buy from a Nochex merchant, Nochex accepts all major credit and debit cards. Find out more about Nochex here.

Make sure that the Nochex payment option is illustrated by a Nochex logo and if it is your preferred method of getting paid that it is placed in a position before, in front of or above any alternative payment method.

If this is not an option, make sure that the ‘Pay Securely’ Nochex banner is visible on your checkout / shopping cart page.