Need an alternative to Stripe?

In recent times Stripe has become a very popular payment solution for many consumers and internet developers. The American company makes it easy for shoppers to buy goods and services and provides them with fantastic support when they want to complain about the merchants they buy from. Developers praise Stripe for how much extra work it creates for them.

Many merchants are less impressed. Stripe’ service is heavily geared towards consumers; merchants have been told that they just have to ‘take it on the chin’ in any dispute. In such circumstances merchants are looking for a Stripe competitor that is more supportive.

Nochex is the UK’s leading independent online payment company. Ecommerce merchants looking for a resourceful and supportive alternative to Stripe find that Nochex is their ideal partner. Below we identify some of the reasons why merchants decided to stop using Stripe and start using Nochex.



  • Stripe don’t provide telephone support
    “When I needed urgent help for a possibly fraudulent transaction and chargeback that followed, there was no one I could call quickly and talk to for help”
  • Nochex provides 24/7 telephone support from its offices here in the UK
    Nochex does not operate call centres in remote parts of the world; the people you speak to understand your needs and want to offer you the best possible support.
  • Stripe withhold your funds for a minimum 7 days.
  • Nochex understand how important cash flow is to your business.
    About half of our merchants have immediate access to their funds; because of the nature of their businesses, we ask the other half to maintain a balance in reserve.
  • Stripe make it easy for merchants to open accounts; and they make it easy to close them.
    Stripe’s terms of service are quite inflexible and they close accounts automatically without reference to merchants who may be dependent on funds held in those accounts.
  • Nochex ask merchants to apply for an account and go through a short boarding process.
    We believe that if we understand your business from the outset we can make the management of your account very simple and supportive.
  • Stripe don’t support merchants in disputes with their customers.
  • Nochex always supports merchants
    Internet fraud is so commonplace these days that we always take a pragmatic approach to ecommerce merchants who may have been the subject of a fraud.
  • Stripe use algorithms to identify suspect activity.
    Stripe will then close accounts without any reference to the merchant, and then provide limited means for the merchant to find out what happened and why they are being punished.
  • When Nochex identifies suspect activity, we always aim to talk to the merchant to get a better understanding of what is going on.
    We don’t prejudge and we work with our merchants to resolve any challenges they are facing.
  • Stripe make merchants entirely responsible for their own fraud protection.
    All of Stripe’s tools are designed to protect Stripe from any responsibility. Stripe does not provide 3D Secure protection.
  • Nochex protects merchants from fraud.
    All your payments are protected using the 3D Secure scheme operated by the credit card schemes and designed to make online transactions safer using the likes of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
  • Stripe do not fight for merchants when it comes to chargebacks
    “I just did not feel Stripe were on my side”
  • Nochex is always willing to defend chargebacks.
    We provide our merchants with the best advice to challenge chargebacks and offer the support of our dedicated chargeback team.
  • Stripe does not provide you with an account manager.
  • Each Nochex merchant is assigned their own dedicated account manager.
    When you need our help, you can speak to the same person who will already understand your business.
  • Stripe only allow telephone payments in exceptional circumstances.
    If you take telephone payments in a normal every day situation this may result in Stripe closing your account for any payments of any kind without any reference to you.
  • Nochex provides merchants with a dedicated telephone payments service.
    If you want to take payments over the phone, just let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Stripe versus Nochex

Nochex offers all the services provided by Stripe – from telephone and ecommerce payments to recurring subscriptions, and for marketplaces Nochex provides an even better solution. And, Nochex provides services that Stripe has not even got around to like membership management for clubs and other organisations.

Nochex charges are in line with the market for online payments, lower for telephone payments, and better value when our rigorous approach to fraud prevention is taken into account; and, we provide merchants with an accessible human connection via phone and email at no extra charge. We think our service offers better value for money and welcome you to judge for yourself!



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