Fraud Prevention

Trading online has many benefits for your business, but it also brings with it the potential risk of card fraud and its associated costs. Nochex provides its account holders with a range of anti-fraud solutions that should help you minimise your risk to fraud and reduce potential losses.

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Anti-Fraud Measures include:

  • 3D Secure (Internet Authentication Protocol)
  • AVS (Address Verification Service)
  • CVV2 (Card Security Number Confirmation)
  • Expert support from our anti-fraud team
  • On-going advice about how to avoid fraud

3D Secure

As part of our continuous commitment to limit fraud, all transactions are checked using 3D Secure. 3D Secure covers both Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode checks and is a kind of online version of ‘chip and pin’, where the cardholder has a password registered with their bank that they input during the checkout process.


The Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value or Card Verification Code (CVV2, CVC) check the authenticity of a transaction by comparing cardholder information that the shopper has entered during the payment process, with details held by the card issuer. Both services are available as standard to all of our merchants, at no extra cost.

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