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We are not like everyone else; we listen. We’re listening when you tell us what you want. Then we work out the best way to help you achieve that. This is the way we have helped lots of successful people achieve their goals. By understanding the challenges you face we will help you to overcome them.

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Accept Payments Online Today

Nochex is the smart way to receive credit and debit card payments over the internet without a traditional merchant bank account. Try out our website online payment processing here (test page). And, your customers will like the fact they don’t have to open an account. Accept credit cards now and start payment processing for internet!

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Telephone Payments

Taking card payments over the phone couldn’t be easier with Nochex. Phone payment processing add a personal element to your service, providing you with the means to receive credit and debit card payments over the phone using a virtual terminal, our web based platform for processing payments securely.

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Invoice Payments

Create and track professionally designed invoices. Send direct to your customers via email and URL / Direct link. There is no extra charge! That is right – no monthly charge. MyInvoice from Nochex really is the best value invoice card payment processing service on the internet.

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Recurring Payments

Recurring payment processing (also called continuous payment authorities or CPAs) are payments that your customer authorises us to collect from their credit or debit card. The amount is deducted on the due date of each billing cycle. Result: you never have to worry about late fees.

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Merchant Account

A merchant account enables sole traders and organisations to accept credit and debit card payments. A Nochex Internet Merchant Account lets you accept payments, add funds, and transfer funds. In fact, it lets you transfer funds to your designated bank account. It is the basic building block needed for all you payment services needs.

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Business Services

Nochex has developed custom solutions for many different business types, using its considerable experience in technical and on line payment processing services. From schools to takeaways, marketplaces to clubs, Nochex has helped lots of people to make their dreams come true. Would you like to know more?

Nochex is one of the leading payment processing for small business companies UK based and dedicated to helping UK business to succeed.

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Nochex payment processing supports all the major ecommerce platforms.

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