How to Take Card Payments!

Accept Credit and Debit Cards Online!

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How to take card payments online…

Accepting online credit and debit card payments is a top priority for any business and entrepreneur. There are various ways to take card payments, in this guide we will introduce you to the most common formats, and how Nochex can help you get paid.

In the digital world, you can now accept online payments for almost anything! In previous times this was restricted to goods, and only certain businesses could get an online merchant account.

Fortunately, Nochex can board many different types of merchants from all different sectors. You can apply for an account here, or call our new accounts team on 0113 819 7220.

An introduction to taking card payments...

The most common way to take credit & debit card payments is through an eCommerce online payment. This typically means the merchant needs an internet merchant account, and a payment gateway for the payment to pass through.

Shopping cart options are available to assist with the technical side of things, which is a great help for entrepreneurs and business that may not have an in house technical team. Shopping carts pass over information to the payment gateway, which in turn then connects to the various banking systems and card schemes to facilitate the payment.

Learn More About Shopping Carts Here!

Different ways of taking card payments

We previously mentioned that online eCommerce payments were the most common way to accept cards. There are more options for businesses and entrepreneurs…

Telephone Payments

Some people prefer to talk to a new supplier before entering their card details on the internet, using the Nochex Virtual Terminal allows your to take card payments over the phone.


Often referred to as ‘pay-by-link’. Invoicing gives you the control to send links to customers, and gives them time to pay. With Nochex, you can remind customers, track paid and unpaid invoices, and manage your payments from our dashboard.

Subscription Payments

Your customers come and they go away. Therefore, if you could keep them as regular users for longer you could make your business a whole lot more profitable.

take card payments online with a nochex merchant account and payment gateway

Nochex is a pay as you go solution

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Pay As You Go!

Pay As You Go!

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