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JigoShop lists itself as the complete ecommerce solution. We think that too! It’s a well established ecommerce platform that gives businesses and entrepreneurs a wide range of functionality.

In addition to it’s established position in the market, it also has advanced SEO tools that help your website stand out in search engine results too.

Recently, JigoShop redeveloped it’s core features. It’s now 2 times faster than previously, furthermore, 90% of the ecommerce extensions have been redeveloped.

They have also spent some time to create a detailed analytics and reporting tool. In addition to this rich data, you can also use it to learn more about your customers and how they interact with your website.

Streamline your shopping cart experience with Nochex & JigoShop

JigoShop allows you to increase your conversion rates, whilst also managing your store through simple, digital tools. They have hundreds of extensions which add to your ability to sell. Furthermore, most of these are free!

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Why JigoShop?

  • Great for WordPress websites. Also includes integration guides and help.
  • Setup your web-store in minutes. Use their rich features to adapt it any way you want.
  • Complete control of your own web store.
  • Hundreds of additional extensions to add onto your shop.
  • Enhanced stock management and data tools.

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Choosing the Right Provider for Your Business

“Great plugin! The support team were very understanding and helped with any issues I had.”

David Dog Walker


“This plugin does exactly what it says on the tin and comes with absolutely top class support – I have been in touch with the developers a few times and they are very friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely use this on other sites in the future. Excellent service and support – Makes us confident in the durability of our webstore.”

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Take a look at some more shopping cart providers.

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