Get a reduced rate on your Nochex set up fee -
Courtesy of Squirrel Hosting

Hello Squirrel Hosting members, by clicking on this Nochex offer in your control panel, you have exclusive access to a reduced rate Nochex set up fee.

Nochex offer a straightforward and secure payment solution for e-commerce websites / businesses.

It's super easy to get started. There are no monthly fees, just a small transaction fee for each payment you accept through your website.

There is a set-up fee of £50, though you don't pay till your account is set-up. And, as a Squirrel Hosting member, if you sign up with Nochex today, you pay just £25!

Take advantage of this great offer and your shop will be taking secure payments in no time.

Sign up with Nochex today and have a Merchant Account within 2 business days.

Squirrel Hosting