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July 15, 2019          FUNDRAISING

Nochex asks “why should charities and donors have to pay more and receive less?”

Earlier this year Nochex launched its giving service with a really simple goal: to make sure that donors and charities should pay as little as possible to help good causes.

We looked at what others were doing and decided to create something that was really simple to use, really easy to set-up (in fact, we can do it for you), and cost as little as possible.

One of the biggest players in the market is Virgin. They have built up a strong reputation borne out of Virgin’s high-profile sponsorship of the London Marathon.

When we started out we decided to benchmark our service against theirs and reduce our costs to the absolute minimum, while still providing all the essentials that they did.

Looking at Virgin we think we have done a pretty good job.

Nochex for Charities versus Virgin Money Giving

Virgin has recently announced a big price increase from 1st September 2019. They’ve said that they are passing on their higher costs to donors, and charities won’t notice anything.

But, a price increase is still a price increase. And donors have limits too.

Hefty set-up fee or no set-up fee

Virgin charge charities £150 just to use their platform. That’s before you’ve received even one donation. And, if you aren’t registered for VAT that is £180.

Nochex’ giving platform is free.

So, before you’ve even start taking donations with Virgin your charity is in debt. Open a charity account with Nochex and it has cost you nothing / nil / zilch.

But, even when your Virgin account is set-up you or your donor is out of pocket compared to Nochex. Look at the comparison below:

 Virgin Money GivingNochex for Charities
Donation value£50£50
Transaction fee2%£1FreeFree
Gift Aid feeFreeFreeFreeFree
Card processing fee2.5%£1.251.4% + 10p80p
Total cost£2.25£80p

On a typical £50 donation charities using Virgin pay almost three times as much for making a donation as they do with Nochex.

And, it isn’t even as if they get a load of extras for their money.

Nochex provides all the key service features you could wish for:

  • Fundraising pages
  • Campaign and appeal pages
  • Donate buttons
  • Regular giving
  • Reporting and data management
  • Gift Aid reclaim
  • Marketing consent collection
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Dedicated help desk
  • Training and advice
  • Bank grade security and PSD2 compliant payments

Want to know more?

Our team of dedicated charity advisers is available to talk to during regular business hours.

Want to start saving money for your charity and donors – open an account here.

Have a question? Talk to our team of charity experts here.

June 24, 2019          FUNDRAISING

Care2Share is the 50th charity to join the Nochex’ philanthropy platform

Earlier this year our friends at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds told us about their problem. They had signed up to BT’s MyDonate service and then learned that the service would shut down at the end of June. They had looked for a replacement, but the options were either more costly or came with too many strings.

Fortunately, an enterprising member of the Nochex team was also active at the Centre, and with her understanding of what Nochex does and what Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds needed, she was able to start the ball rolling for something new.

Nochex has been helping online businesses to get paid since the year 2000. We have been helping charities for almost twenty years as well, but we’ve never offered a dedicated donations platform – until now.

A brave new world of charity fundraiser innovation

Fast forward to the end of May and Care2Share became the fiftieth charity to start using the CharityChex donations platform.

Care2Share represents a relatively small group of like-minded volunteers whose very specific mission is to drive positive change around the world through better education, life skills, hygiene and sanitation.

Danny John who founded Care2Share in 2016 has a vision for improving the lives of less fortunate individuals and communities around the world. When he first learned about Nochex from an email we sent to him, like most people who work in charities, he had never heard of us!

However, as someone who believes profoundly in innovation, he was excited to start using our new platform. “I really liked what Nochex had to offer. They are doing something new. They are making really easy for all charities – big or small – to take donations. And, they have taken care of all the paper processing that had to be done when donations were gift aided. They have made online donations much easier to take and I was delighted to start using the CharityChex service.”

Although Care2Share’s charity account with Nochex was only set-up a few weeks ago, it was quickly integrated into the Care2Share website and is poised to collect donations and gift aid.

A mission to do some good in the world

For everyone at Nochex, each new charity that joins the CharityChex roster is an endorsement of our mission to provide a great value for money fundraising platform for organisations and individuals who do some good in the world.

At least that is what we think, and we’d love to hear what you think too!

Not sure what you need? Get in touch.