JoinUP!™ with Nochex!

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Automate your membership process with JoinUp!™

Do you run a club, society, or operate a membership scheme? Do you need a quick and easy way to capture member details at the same time you collect member fees? JoinUP!™ with Nochex automates your membership and payment facility, making managing the application and payment process quick and easy.

JoinUP!™ cuts out the need for downloading application forms and offers an increased functionality for managing your memberships. In practise, we can automatically collect applications for memberships and renewals on your behalf and accept fee payments at the same time.

See who qualifies for JOINUP!™

If you have a club, society or run an event organization, and need a simple way of managing your memberships and collect fee payments, then JoinUP!™ is perfect for you!


  • Societies (art, yoga, music, sports, dance, hiking etc.)
  • Clubs (drama, chess, pool, golf, badminton, paintball etc.)
  • Event Organisations
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