Multi-Currency Payments

Accept transactions and hold balance in multiple currencies with a Nochex account

With a Nochex account you can accept payments in multiple currencies. Either convert them into pound sterling at the point of purchase or hold them in their original currency.

With our merchant account solutions you are effectively able to have multiple accounts, each in a different currency. You can take payments in a foreign currency and hold that currency in your Nochex account until you choose to withdraw.

This is especially useful if, for example, you take a lot of payments from Americans who would prefer to pay in U.S dollars and also have American suppliers who would prefer to be paid in dollars. By holding money in U.S dollars you are able to save expensive conversion fees that would be incurred when buying and selling across the pond.

You can also accept payments in a foreign currency and have them exchanged for pounds at the point of purchase. This allows you to sell your product in a foreign currency but still take pounds into your Nochex account. This is useful if you want to sell abroad but have no need to hold cash in a foreign currency. Consumers feel more comfortable buying online if they are able to buy in their own currency.

For more information on our account services please apply via the sign up page and you will hear back from one of our sales advisors within one working day.