Nochex Multi-Seller Account

Allow other merchants to sell on your marketplace with a Multi-Seller Account

With a Nochex Multi-Seller Account other merchants can use your website to sell their products to consumers visiting your website.

Use a Nochex Multi-Seller Account to collect your share of payments made to merchants selling from your website. Let Nochex collect set-up fees and transaction fees from your sellers so that you can focus on the important things like recruiting new sellers and attracting more shoppers.

Everything marketplaces and platforms need to get users paid

The Nochex Multi-Seller Account is a great solution for a business like yours; payments are one of the most complex operations that any marketplace or auction site can face. With the Nochex solution you can forget about this and concentrate on making your operation more successful.

Here at Nochex we know how difficult it is managing a wide-variety of different sellers whilst trying to attract new merchants and new customers. This is why we offer to take care of your payments administration so you can focus on running your business.

Why you should choose Nochex Multi-Seller Account

  • Multi-party payments - All the tools you need to run a marketplace: Nochex helps with identity verification, financial reporting, and more.
  • Full control - Nochex does the heavy lifting while giving you control of everything from the UI to the timing of transfers.
  • Going global - Your platform can support merchants from throughout the UK (that is 64 million people and counting).
  • Scalable and trusted - Platforms and marketplaces of every kind use Nochex Multi-Seller Account to manage payments for over fifteen year.
  • Secure bank transfers - Completely bypass PCI (Payment Card Industry) rules. Sensitive data never hits your servers.
  • Free fraud protection - All your payments and those of your partners are covered by 3D Secure fraud protection.

Spirit Boutique use Nochex to harness multiple merchants in one marketplace

Spirit Boutique have been a great success story of the Multi-Seller Account. Read their testimonial to see how they have benefited from this solution.

For more information about Nochex Multi-Seller Account, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for marketplace page here.

For more information on our account services please apply via the sign up page and you will hear back from one of our sales advisors within one working day.

Integrated Multi-Seller Shopping Carts

You will find that you can already integrate your multi-seller solution with a wide range of the most popular shopping carts. Below is a list of both free and chargeable carts that work with Nochex. If you would like to use a cart that isn't on this list, please let us know; we are adding new modules all the time, and Nochex is so flexible that it works easily with most shopping carts. Use the links below to see our free and chargeable to use modules and guides



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Contact us for more details