Telephone Payments Processing

Accept payments by phone with a Nochex virtual terminal

Nochex telephone payments processing adds a personal element to your payment service by allowing you to receive credit card and debit card payments over the phone.

You can set up a solely phone based merchant account or open an account that has both online and telephone payments allowing you to cater your solution to your individual business needs.

Accepting payments by phone could not be easier with our telephone payments processing solution, you don't even need any extra equipment. Process a transaction from anywhere in the world. Simply enter the card details of the customer into your Nochex virtual terminal to process their transaction quickly and securely. You Nochex account will be credited within minutes, when you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Why you should choose Nochex for your virtual terminal

Nochex has been helping small and medium sized business entrepreneurs to get paid throughout the twenty-first century. We have built up a degree of expertise to ensure that you can keep taking payments whatever the circumstances your business finds itself in. We offer:

  • Fees that match your requirements: low monthly fees for low volume businesses; low transaction charges for higher volume requirements
  • Nochex reputation increases trust in your business
  • Nochex is on the side of the merchant and will work with you to make sure your customers receive the service you want
  • Nochex provides you with a dedicated Account Manager for your business, who you can speak to directly, and we can support your customers if you need us to

How to process telephone payments

Your customer calls you to make a purchase and pay by card. Log in to your Nochex account and open your Virtual Terminal. You can do this from a PC, tablet or mobile device.

  1. Enter the order details and billing information into your virtual terminal, then click Submit.
  2. We process your transaction, and send you a confirmation email.
  3. When the payment is successful you'll receive the money in your account within minutes.

How to get started

As soon as you're ready to get started, you simply complete our online form.

Then, one of our payment specialists will call you to help complete your application.

Your virtual terminal will be ready to use from within your Nochex account.


Getting set up is easy - simply complete our online form. Then our payment specialists will contact you to take you through set-up, so you can start taking payments.

With a virtual terminal, there is no integration necessary. Simply log in to your Nochex account and access your virtual terminal - you're all set up to take card payments over the phone.

Your Nochex virtual terminal allows you to process debit and credit cards, over the phone.

As a Nochex merchant, you'll have your very own Account Manager, supported by our Business Support team, available by phone and email during UK business hours. In addition, we will provide technical advice and support when you need it.

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