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Nochex & Secret Betting Club

Nochex has teamed up with Peter Ling and Secret Betting Club to provide the best tipster payment services for gambling professionals like you. Whether you’re providing tips and advice directly to the punter, or if you’re reviewing other organisations and acting as a neutral assessor of tipster services – we’ve got you covered!

Nochex helps you get paid, whether that’s through your website, over the phone, on a monthly recurring basis, or through an email invoice – we have all your payment needs covered!

Nochex is offering free setup and 30 days free processing for any new customers using the Secret Betting Club referral link.

We understand how difficult it can be finding a reliable payment service, especially within the tipping industry. We made sure that our new technology accommodates all types of tipping models – and our dedicated UK account managers and technical support teams are ready to help whenever necessary.

Pete Ling - Secret Betting Club

I have been personally using Nochex to process Secret Betting Club orders for several years and have found them very easy to deal with, which alongside lower processing fees than rivals such as Paypal has made them very attractive to me.

Nochex are also more than happy to work with clients within the betting and tipping industry – not something you can say for all payment processing firms! With that in mind and to encourage take-up in their service, they have put together a special introductory deal. Nochex have the best tipster payment services.”

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Tipster Payment Services

This introductory deal promises you the chance to pay nothing in payment processing fees nor setup fees for any account that is accepted before 31st August 2018.

For example, if you applied for an account on the 31st August, the 30day free processing period would begin as soon as you took your first payment, regardless of the date of your application. This is so we allow you time to integrate and perfect your setup – whilst not losing out on any cash!

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Key Account Details

  • 30 days of free processing from when you process your first payment*
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fees
  • Guaranteed tipster payment service
  • Scaling transaction rates – the more you process, the less you pay
  • Both a merchant account and a payment gateway in one
  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Free support for your customers by our UK based team
  • Simple and speedy setup
  • Easy to integrate with your website
  • Fast and easy access to your money
  • Your own UK-based account manager
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