3D Secure for Safer Payments

Improved security for Internet payments

3D Secure for Safer Payments.

3D Secure is a standard developed by the card schemes Visa and MasterCard to improve the security of Internet payments. It was developed to protect all the parties in the payment process: from the shopper through to the online merchant.

As such Nochex has always considered it highly desirable that it should be applied to all transactions that use our payment system.

No charge for 3D Secure

We believe that by applying this system to all payments we can reduce the level of fraud and minimise the inconvenience and anxiety caused to both Merchants and Shoppers.

Our stance is at odds with our competitors who charge extra for enabling 3D Secure. We think security and peace of mind should be inclusive in our regular pricing; don’t you?

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Technical Stuff

3D Secure stands for Three Domain Secure – the payment industry’s internet authentication standard which has been developed by the major card schemes. Visa called their version of the scheme ‘Verified by Visa’ and MasterCard called its ‘MasterCard SecureCode’. Collectively these are known as 3D Secure.

The key issue addressed is that of authentication. At one time, it was very difficult to verify that the person who used a card to make a payment was the person who owned the card. 3D Secure authenticates the cardholder at the same time as the transaction is authorised making it far harder for cardholders to deny that they sanctioned the payment.

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