General FAQs

Is Nochex Secure?

Yes. Nochex is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, More information can be seen here.

Shoppers FAQs

Why has ‘Nochex’ appeared on my card statement?

Nochex is a payment service widely used by UK retailers. It sounds like you have made a purchase from a merchant that uses Nochex to take payments. When you made your purchase we will have send you a receipt by email that contains information about your purchase. If you do not remember receiving such an email, you could check your spam folder in case it was delivered there.

How can I contact Nochex to talk about my transaction?

You can contact our customer support team here.

How can I contact the merchant I made a purchase from?

When you made your purchase you will have received an email receipt from us. This receipt will contain all the information you need to contact the merchant. If you have trouble finding the receipt check your spam folder in case it is there. Alternatively, you can contact our support team here.

Account Holders FAQs

How can I contact my account manager?

Information about how to contact your account manager can be found here.

How can I add a new service to my account?

Contact your Nochex Account Manager here and they will be able to set this up for you.

How can I add Nochex to my website and start accepting payments?

The best way to check how you can set up or add Nochex to my website, by visiting the following;

If you are not able to find an integration or have an integration query please contact us

Where can I find information about my Nochex Account?

Please visit our knowledgebase here.

If you are not able to find your answer or have a further query please contact us

Merchants and Start Ups FAQs

How do I apply for a Nochex account?

The best way to apply for a Nochex account is to complete the form here. Once we receive your application we will contact you as quickly as possible and within one working day to help you to start using Nochex.

Can I speak to someone about opening a Nochex account?

Yes, you can contact our Sales team here.

Why do I need to open a Nochex Merchant Account?

The Nochex Merchant Account is the basic platform that you need to start using Nochex to accept payments. Once you have a Nochex Merchant Account you will be in position to start taking payments online, over the phone, via invoice, via MPOS or however you prefer to receive payments.

Does Nochex accept competition or raffle merchants?

Yes, Nochex does accept competition businesses, take a look at our competition merchant account page for more information.

Is Nochex available for my shopping cart or integration?

The best way to check by going to this link; Shopping Cart Modules and Integrations

If you are not able to find an integration or have a query, you can contact our team here.

Bumblebee Auctions FAQs

What is the relationship between Nochex and Bumblebee Auctions?

Bumblebee Auctions use Nochex to register and verify people so that they can make purchases from the Bumblebee Auctions website. Nochex is currently the only form of payment that Bumblebee Auctions accepts.

Do I need to open a Nochex Account to buy things on Bumblebee Auctions?

Yes, in order to shop on the Bumblebee Auctions website you need to open a Nochex Standard Account. The only function of this account is to enable you to make purchases from the Bumblebee Auctions website.

How much does it cost to open an account to buy on Bumblebee Auctions?

To verify your account in order that you can buy using Bumblebee Auctions Nochex receive a small once-only variable amount of up to £3 from the card used to register your Nochex account. This random amount is non-redeemable.

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