Nochex Partners

Make money by introducing new merchants to Nochex

Would you like to earn an extra income from your customers?

You know people who sell from their own websites. You would like to help them by introducing them to service providers that feel as strongly about making their businesses grow as they do.

Nochex has been helping people like these for more than ten years; helping them to get paid and helping them when they need it with their customers and their marketing.

Nochex helps small online businesses grow into larger and much more successful businesses.

Earn commission when your referrals begin trading

When you become a Nochex Partner we provide you with some code for you to add to your website, to your emails, or anything that you publish online. People who click through to our website become your referrals. When they open a Nochex account and begin trading you earn commission from every payment they receive.

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Earn commission from payments other than online

When your referrals ask us to let them take payments using a different kind of payment facility – such as taking payments over the phone, set-up recurring payments, sending and getting paid by invoice, point-of-sale payments – you also earn a commission from these transactions. In fact, Nochex Partners will support you when you encourage your friends to adopt new ways of getting paid. Nochex Partners is entirely structured so as to always benefit you.

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Can I be a Nochex Partner

Nochex Partners come from a very wide range of people. Many Nochex Partners are website developers, introducing their clients to a high quality UK-based payment service provider; others know people – we get lots of referrals from people who work in a particular trade such as takeaways, retailers, repair shops – even schools!

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Nochex Partners service features

  • Fast and easy access to your money
  • Accept payments from all leading credit and debit cards
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • No limit on the number of referrals
  • Sales support to help you convert referrals into merchants
  • Marketing assistance when you want to recruit new referrals
  • Free support for your referrals by our UK based team
  • Simple and speedy setup
  • The more your referrals process the more that you earn
  • Your own UK-based account manager
  • Learn more about Nochex Partners in our Knowledgebase

Ready to be a Nochex Partner?

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