Quick and Creative Easy Fundraising Ideas that Inspire Giving

Quick and Creative Fundraising Ideas that Inspire Giving 

Joining over 3900 other #GivingTuesday partners in Great Britain, Nochex for Charities want to draw attention to the fact that this year’s theme is about bouncing back. Without a doubt the last few years have been challenging for many people, and now is the time to give back. It may be supporting a charity that helped you, or other loved ones through a difficult time, or fundraising. 

Here at Nochex we pride ourselves on being able to offer lower fees than many of our competitors meaning that more money goes to charity than on fees. We have a fantastic list of charities we work with where you can donate to here 

Here are some quick and creative fundraising ideas if you want some inspiration on how to raise cash for your chosen charity; 

  • Car Boot – A traditional fundraising activity that has stood the test of time. Not only is it a great way to raise money, but it’s a great way to reuse and recycle trinkets or items that would otherwise end up in landfill. For a car boot with a twist, create a theme like “upcycling” or “vintage” to bring cohesion to the traditionally eclectic vibe. 
  • Eating competition – Whether you’re eating pies or hotdogs, an eating competition is a fast and funny way to raise money for charity. To encourage as many people to get involved as possible, you could have your office nominate and vote for people to be in the competition. Others could supply the food of choice, whether it be cakes or steak. The event itself can be easily filmed and shared in real time on social media to encourage further donations. 
  • Office raffle – Office raffles get everybody talking, especially where there are really great prizes at stake. Ask employees and clients to donate a range of prizes to encourage even wider pools of people to join the charity raffle. Include a range of low and high value items to really spark competition and a ticket-buying frenzy. 
  • Bake sale – Everybody loves a bake sale. It’s great way for everyone to get involved in the fundraising without too much pressure. Ask people to bring in a variety of bakes and cakes and ask people to donate to buy them. Make sure your bake sale is on a Thursday or Friday when people are more likely to break from their weekday healthy eating plans. 
  • Sports day – A fun and physical way to bring everyone together. From traditional sack races to egg and spoon, you can set up challenges and obstacles for teams to compete. Attendees and participants can donate to the day.  
  • Sweets in a jar – One of the easiest ways to get a few pounds in the pot. Fill up a large Kilner jar with bon bons or a sweet of your choice. Ask people to guess how many sweets are in that jar for a small donation. The winner gets to take home all the sweets. 
  • Office lunch Come Dine with Me – Challenge coworkers to compete against each other in the ultimate cook-off for charity. Nominate one person or team to look after lunch each day, choosing everything from the food to the entertainment. Then ask all participants to score the lunch and reveal the winner at the end of the week. 
  • Fancy dress – Ask people to come to work or school in fancy dress for a small donation. Make sure to have a theme, be it World Book Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Easter. If full on fancy dress is too much effort, have a purple party and ask people to come to work wearing something purple. 
  • Pub quiz – You don’t have to be a quiz master to run a great pub quiz. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to quiz questions like Pub Quiz Questions HQ and Ready-Made Pub Quiz. Invite your team to the pub after work and see who is the most knowledgeable amongst the team.
  • Extreme sport – Not everyone has the time or nerve to jump out of a plane. But did you know there are other extreme sports that everyone can get involved in? Extreme ironing is a real sport that sees participants take photos of themselves ironing in random and adventurous locations. Most people have access to an iron and ironing board, so you could challenge people to take photos of them ironing in interesting locations – a shopping mall, on a woodland walk, or on the beach! Not only does this result in some hilarious photos, but it’s also a great way to spark social engagement and competition. Just make sure to stipulate those locations cannot be dangerous. 
  • Birthday/Christmas giving – Ask people whether they would like to forego company gifts or gifts to each other for a donation to charity instead. People who choose to waive their gifts in favour of donation will be granted a special privilege.  
  • Bid for a boss – Set up a company auction where you can bid for a boss for the day. People can bid individually or as a collective. The highest bidders win their boss for a day who will be at their beck and call. They could make you tea all day, do your work, or clean your car. 

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