Charity of the month - Giving Sadaqah

Charity of the month - Jamyang Buddhist Centre

Providing a collective and measured response for those who have suffered and lost everything through natural disasters, calamities, conflict or other misfortunes would be challenging under any situation, and is much less so when faced by real life situations.

To rebuild the lives of those affected, the young in particular, requires a collaborative and co-operative approach between donors and those in need, in order to alleviate their poverty and improve their situation. Such an approach permits us to not only assist in the provision of basic necessities such as water, food and shelter, but also to go further and empower individuals so that they may become self-sufficient through education or other small gifts that make a gigantic difference to their lives.

Giving Sadaqah is the key to facilitating such vital transformations.

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Find out more about Nochex Charity Services

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