Security Awareness

Website Security

Regular Backups of your website

Ensure you make regular backups of your website to ensure you have a backup in the event something happened to your website.

Store your website backup in a separate location to your live website and computer, more information on how to backup your data

Latest Software versions

Check you are using the latest software on your website, the supporting technologies are regularly updated and maintained, such as or PHP to keep your website secure from vulnerabilities.

As of 07/02/2023 these are some of the latest software and technologies available.

WordPress – 6.1.1

WooCommerce – 7.3.0

Joomla – 4.2.7

PHP – 8.0.27 | 8.1.15| 8.2.2

MySql – 8.0.32

JQuery – 3.6.2

In addition make sure you are using the latest Nochex integration for your payment requirements.

Monitoring and keeping an eye on your website

Ensure you have some form of security software on your website that will help you to monitor any changes made to your website and potentially bad traffic.

Firewall / Web Application Firewalls – helps to protect your web applications be filtering and monitoring traffic between your website and the internet. Helps to protect your website from cross-site-scripting, and sql injection.

File Change / Audit software – Regularly test and check your website for any abnormalities or unusual content that you or your colleagues have not placed on your website.

Access to your website

Ensure you use strong passwords on each account that has access to your data.

  • Change all default passwords.
  • Avoid common passwords like “password123” or “123456”
  • Keep your passwords unique, it is recommended to use a passphrase which is easier to remember and don’t use any words or phrase related to yourself that can be traced through social media, e.g. pet names, cars, etc
  • Don’t write passwords down.
  • Embrace Two-factor authentication if your website allows it, this will secure your website further as a code will be required in addition to your password.

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