Virgin Money Giving Closing Nov 2021

Virgin Money Giving Closure

You will have seen the news that Virgin Money Giving will close it doors at the end of November 2021 after sponsoring their final London marathon.

Do not worry, Nochex for charities has you covered so you can still collect your donations using the Nochex donations platform.

This means you won’t lose out on valuable donations especially after the difficult two years we have all come through.

Nochex has been processing payments for non-profits since 2001. In that time, we have helped many charities to obtain a non-profits merchant account to receive payments for events, shop purchases and donations.

With our background in payment processing for charities we found it relatively easy to build a platform for donations with automatic Gift aid collection. This was followed up with the release of a fundraising platform to enable individuals to collect money on behalf of their favourite charity.

We can offer charities and fundraisers a very affordable service that does what it says on the tin, low cost, helpful, friendly, and straightforward donations processing!

With Nochex For Charities, your charity can have it’s own donation, gift aid and fundraising page for FREE!

It includes: –

  • A simple donation process allowing all major Visa and MasterCard donations
  • Automated GiftAid – no need to collect forms and send them off to HMRC
  • FREE Website platform with your logo and personal bio to promote your charity so you don’t have to pay out to web developers

We know other providers may want to charge different rates for different donation methods: telephone, payment links or via your website.

Nochex For Charities always charges 1.4%+10p on ALL donations – there’s no setup fee, no monthly fee and no admin fees

For charities who rely on every single penny, this all adds up and allows you to use more of the money you receive to help your chosen cause.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch.

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