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When you complete our Charity Account application form several things will happen. When you supply us with charity registration number your account will automatically be opened. If you don’t supply a registration number we will use a different way to identify your charitable status, which might be as simple as giving you a call!

Next our team of web developers and designers will create your charity’s dedicated fundraising page with a link to your donate pages. We like to get your pages live within a couple of hours of receiving your application, which means that you would be position to accept your first donation on the very same day!

To get an idea of what your charity’s web pages will look like, use the ‘Donate’ button near the top of this page to see an index of charities that we work with. We use this index to highlight and promote the charities that work with us. Once your page is created your charity will be added to the index.

As soon as your account is set-up you will be able to start receiving donations. To withdraw funds from your Nochex Charity Account you will need to supply us with your designated bank account and we will need to verify your designated charity trustees. One this is done you will be able to transfer funds to your bank account. Nochex takes its charity payment processing responsibilities very seriously and we will work with you to ensure the security of the donations that you receive.

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