Is Nochex Safe?

Robust and locked down

Is Nochex safe?

Is Nochex safe? Yes! Nochex is an online payment service for processing payments. We have been processing payments since 2001.

The continued operation of our business is absolutely dependent on our running a safe and secure payment service. The merchants and consumers who use our service rely upon us completely.

Many thousands of people trust Nochex to process their transactions every day. If we did not have their trust we would not have a business.

We provide all our merchants and traders with anti-fraud tools that enable them to minimise risk and reduce potential losses.

Encrypted data transfer and encrypted data storage

Sensitive information is encrypted in transit using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. We use the highest commercially available encryption key length of 256-bits provided by GeoTrust.

All sensitive information is held in an encrypted form on our servers using techniques that are recognised as robust and secure by the industry. Each Nochex account has its own unique encryption key to protect that account.

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Physically and electronically protected servers

Is Nochex safe? Your information is held on secure servers that are hosted with one of the UK’s leading ISP’s in a high security data environment that is also used by many UK high street and Internet banks.

The servers that hold your information are protected by secure advanced firewall technology and are not directly connected to the Internet. Only authorised computers can access your encrypted information.

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Securiclick card validation

In order to protect you, other Nochex users and ourselves against potential fraudulent card usage, we perform a Securiclick card check on all registered cards the first time they are registered with the Nochex system.

Nochex undertake Securiclick card verification on all Nochex UK Trader and all Nochex Merchant account holders. This Securiclick card check is also undertaken on full Nochex Personal account holders, but not on consumers who make Xtra secure payments.

To successfully register a card with Nochex, we need to confirm that you have legitimate access to the account that the card draws funds from. To do this, we will withdraw a random payment (between £0.01 and £3) from your bank or credit card account. When you confirm this amount, it helps to identify you as the legitimate owner of that card. Having successfully registered a card, the full card details will not be displayed in the future.

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Card authorisation email verification

Is Nochex safe? All authorisation requests for customer card transactions are made through a secure private network connection to the banks payment processing system.

We confirm each new user’s registered email address by sending a unique confirmation code to the specified email address. When this code is successfully replied to, this increases our confidence of the ownership of that email address.

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Is Nochex Safe? Yes! Apply Today

Is Nochex Safe? Yes! Apply Today

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