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Learn how to accept payments in your EKM store with Nochex


EKM is a leading e-commerce website provider. Getting an online shop with EKM is famously easy and efficient especially as there are hundreds of eye-catching website templates to get you started.
1 in every 5 UK web shops are built on their cloud-based platform, including businesses that range in size from start-ups to internationally recognised brands. EKM even handles mobile commerce, search engine tools, social media buttons and a whole lot more.

The world’s highest rated platform

With multi-millions of pounds per day going through the platform it quickly became the UK’s most popular ecommerce solution and powers 1 out of every 5 online shops in the UK. Also, with over 2000 reviews on Trustpilot, they are the world’s highest rated platform to create an online shop.

EKM online shops are unique because they are always evolving and getting better to ensure you sell more. Their two decades of experience and a team of 70 ecommerce experts are always making improvements to both the platform and your shop ensuring tomorrow is always better than yesterday.

You are never on your own with EKM, their team is there to help you and your very own account manager will work with you, coach you and even manage the shop for you leaving you to process orders and spend more time doing something you love.

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Why use EKM?

Create a successful online shop with a platform that is designed for UK businesses.

  • UK based support from our team of ecommerce experts
  • Your shop will be continuously updated and improved with Evolution Mode
  • Direct access to your very own dedicated UK based Account Manager
  • All ecommerce themes are completely free
  • No additional transaction fees

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Integrating Nochex into your EKM store

Once you’ve got your EKM store setup and configured.

You simply need to implement Nochex and start accepting online payments by following our integration guide;

Guide for installing Nochex into EKM

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Your EKM payment gateway – Next Steps

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