Prestashop & Nochex

Learn how to accept payments in your PrestaShop store with Nochex

If you want an award winning business powering your online shop then look no further, meet PrestaShop. The 70 strong PrestaShop team are the engine behind its highly successful ecommerce software which is popular for three main reasons; it’s free, it’s open source and continually being improved; it works like a dream.
Nochex plugins to the Prestashop ecommerce solution are available so your business can benefit from working with the UK’s most recommended payment service provider.

PrestaShop grows your online business!

PrestaShop allows ambitious entrepreneurs and companies to create and develop their own ecommerce site. Our open source software unites a global community. With nearly 300,000 sites already using its software across the globe, PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution in Europe and Latin America.

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Why use PrestaShop?

Not only does PrestaShop come with a rich feature list. They also have a strong customer service manager tool that handles customer interactions on your website.

Multiple currency support is available, allowing you to offer various ways for customers to pay.

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Integrating Nochex into your PrestaShop store

Once you’ve got your PrestaShop store setup and configured.

You simply need to implement Nochex and start accepting online payments by following our integration guide;

PrestaShop Version 1.7

Downloading our Module

GitHub – Nochex Module for Prestashop

Guide for installing Nochex into PrestaShop

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Your PrestaShop payment gateway – Next Steps

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