Simple Memberships & Nochex

Learn how to accept payments in your Simple Memberships site with Nochex

Simple Membership plugin is very user-friendly and well-documented. You will be able to protect your content (tutorials, videos, ebooks, courses) behind a membership login and start charging users to access it.

Simple membership lets you selectively protect your articles/posts/pages by creating various membership access levels (example: Free, Silver, Gold etc.) and protect the content (posts, pages) of your site.

Integrating Nochex into your Simple memberships site

Once you’ve got your self-hosted website with WordPress, and installed your Simple Memberships site.

You simply need to implement Nochex and start accepting online payments by following our integration guide;

Nochex Installation Guide for Simple Memberships

Downloading our Module

GitHub – Nochex Module for Simple Memberships

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Your WooCommerce payment gateway – Next Steps

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