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News: 3DSecure upgrade delayed until 2021

Leeds, 14th August 2019: As a Nochex merchant you will know that all the payments you receive via our service are protected by 3D Secure (3DS) authentication. 3DS is a set of rules laid down by the card schemes, Visa and MasterCard, to protect merchants and consumers from online fraud.

You might also be aware that 3DS was due to be upgraded. The improvement – known variously as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), 3DSecure2, and the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – was due to come into force in the UK on 14 September 2019. Read more about 3D secure payment here.

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Nochex goes live with transaction Decider

Nochex has launched the Decider service so merchants can save money and achieve service improvements. online card payments can be presented to multiple acquiring banks and gateways in real time. Decider identifies the optimum route for transactions to be processed. Merchants can set their own rules to achieve their preferred goal. Nochex’ trials indicate merchants can achieve sizable cost savings and service improvements.

Nochex has tested the solution with a large merchant, and is now bringing the service to the attention of a wider audience.

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Good news for charities and donors

Nochex has launched a low cost and easy to use donations solution for charities. The service – CharityChex – provides UK charities with their own dedicated page from which to collect donations and gift aid.

To use the service charities simply have to open a merchant account with Nochex. Applications are automatically accepted. The service is free to charities – no set-up fee or recurring charges. Charities pay a very modest 1.4% + 10p per donation.

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Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run 2019

Nochex is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2019 Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run organised by Rothwell Harriers. This is the fourth time Nochex has had the privilege of sponsoring this event – and we love it! Rothwell Harriers use Nochex to manage entries and credit card processing.


Masterpass v7 - Improved experience

Masterpass v7 is the new, simple, convenient way to pay online backed by the multi-tiered security of MasterCard. It is your perfect combination for safety and convenience. As part of Nochex commitment to increasing the range of payment options available, as well as improving transaction conversion rates, we announce an addition to our range of payment options: Masterpass v7.

During the week commencing Monday 28th January 2019, all Nochex Merchants will be enrolled for Masterpass v7 (unless an opt-out is requested via e-mail to Merchant Support).


Card Not Present Payments

Card not present transactions come in a variety of formats; telephone payment processing, mail order, online payments & more.

Nochex facilitates a wide variety of these payments, and we want to educate you so you can leverage these techniques to grow your business.

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Will your website be ready for TLS 1.2?

This article concerns a general upgrade to the security of our credit card processing systesm. Nochex is upgrading the protocols used to secure all external connections made to our systems. Transport Layer Security version 1.2 (TLS 1.2) will become mandatory for communication with Nochex. Nochex Merchants will need to verify that their system supports TLS 1.2, and make the appropriate updates as necessary by March 30th, 2018


Payment Surcharge Regulations

Since 13th January 2018, it is illegal for merchants to apply surcharges based on the way that customers pay. Hence, for example, merchants can no longer charge extra if their customers choose to pay by credit card. These regulations apply to all methods of payments. As a result merchants need to remove such surcharges. However, it is possible to raise prices to recover the loss of income or to add a surcharge for all types of payments…

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New Refreshed Website

In response to a far reaching third-party evaluation we launched our new website just before Christmas 2017. Therefore, the launch date was chosen to minimize impact on users.

Most of all the changes were driven by a desire to address the needs of our customers. In particular we have tried to make it easier for users to find the information they need as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Furthermore, the feedback we have already received has been very positive. In addition, more improvements will continue to appear as we progress…

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