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Learn how you can process payments with a Nochex CBD Merchant Account and CBD Oil Payment Gateway

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Nochex – Supporting new industries.

As the UK’s favourite independent CBD oil payment gateway and CBD oil merchant account provider, we are always looking for new ways to support emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why when we first learnt that CBD oil was legal to sell online, we moved quickly to make sure we could support these types of products.

We’ve created new partnerships with various businesses and health bodies to learn more about CBD. Nochex is now fully supporting the CBD industry and is looking for new partners in this sector. We’ve learnt about the health benefits, as well as the regulatory requirements. This has enabled us to support new merchants, of various sizes to sell CBD online using Nochex.

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Assured Processing

We’re CBD oil merchant account experts! That means we understand the challenges when working with these products. You’re in safe hands with Nochex.

Cost Effective

Nochex prides itself on supporting SMEs. Our setup fee is a one-off £50 payment, then payments are charged a small 2.9%+20p fee – this gets lower the more you process.

CBD Merchant Accounts with Nochex

CBD Oil usage is now greater than ever in the UK. Many entrepreneurs and businesses are seeing this as a sector of interest. However, some may describe this as a grey area, especially when it comes to CBD merchant accounts and payment processing.

As it’s closely related to cannabis, there is often confusion if CBD oil is legal to sell online. We’ve created a short checklist to help you know if you’re eligible for a Nochex CBD Merchant Account:

UK Registered Business

THC Levels less than 0.2%

No medicinal claims

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What is THC and CBD?

Cannabis plants are made up of more than 100 different cannabinoids – the most well-known of these are THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive substance whereby users consume this in order to get ‘high’. CBD Does not have this effect. Many cannabinoids are controlled substances under the Misue of Drugs Act – CBD – or cannabidiol as it is also known – is not.

Medical usage and other purposes

Back in 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said that CBD products advertised for medical reasons need to be licensed. Licenses have yet to be rolled out, so many sellers are not claiming medicinal benefits. For example, Holland and Barrett sells some CBD oils as food supplements.

What is a CBD oil payment gateway?

CBD oil is still a product with a great many sensitivities about it. Nochex has worked with its business partners to provide merchants with a CBD oil payment gateway that works with the minimum of issues.

How can I advertise CBD oil?

CBD Oil cannot be advertised for medicinal usage. Furthermore, Nochex cannot facilitate the payments for CBD advertised for medicinal purposes.

What are the requirements for selling CBD Oil?

The UK Home Office says that it can contain a maximum THC content of 0.2%, and that the THC must not be easily extracted.

What products can I associate with CBD Oils?

Although we do not stipulate what a merchant should sell. We cannot facilitate the selling of tobacco and nicotine. Furthermore, paraphernalia products such as grinders and other related items cannot be sold through Nochex. For more information, you can read our Acceptable Use Policy here.

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