Mals E-commerce Payment Gateway

Mals E-commerce Payment Gateway

Mals E-commerce’ Payment Methods

Mal’s E-commerce is a simple solution that’s perfect for small businesses. Simply add ‘Buy Now’ buttons to your existing product pages and begin selling online.

Mal’s E-commerce is a small, innovative company, and they make the most of their size to tailor solutions to what their customers and merchant really need. No big shareholder pushing them a certain way, and they understand what running a small business feels like!

It’s free, and easy to use. That’s why it attracts such a wide variety of businesses. Mal’s E-commerce has over 140,000 accounts online in over 120 different countries.

A powerful dashboard, with built in ‘Button Maker’ allows you to monitor your day-to-day activities, whilst also creating new product pages for your customers.

Mals E-commerce helps your business grow.

Not only is the Noche x& Mals E-commerce payment gateway easy to setup, but it’s also flexible when it comes to third party add-on’s. This could be accounting software, HTML guidance, MAC OS tools, and many more.

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Why use Nochex & Mals E-commerce Payment Gateway?

After a simple setup, there isn’t much more you’ll need to do apart from apply some ‘Buy Now’ buttons. There’s no limit on the number of products or services that users can purchase – unlike some other “freemium” shopping carts out there.

Mal’s E-commerce also provides multi-language support. This means you can reach users all around the world.

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Choosing the Right Provider for Your Business

Ranking your web store on Google is a top priority for any e-commerce business. Enhanced SEO tools built into Mal’s E-commerce allow you to perform well in search engine results.

Product Review Management allows you to enable customers to review your products. This is great for attracting and converting new customers.

Built in shipping assistance also enables you to fast-forward your administration by estimating the costs.

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Nochex integrates with many e-commerce providers.

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View more Shopping Cart Providers.

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