ZenCart Ecommerce Software

ZenCart Ecommerce Software


ZenCart Payment Gateway

The ZenCart payment gateway defines itself as ‘the art of ecommerce’. It’s a free, user friendly open source shopping cart. Developed by a like minded group of shop owners, programmers, designers and consultants to push a platform suitable for any business or entrepreneur.

Nochex has a quick and easy integration guide; so it won’t take long to get your business moving!

Free support is available on the ZenCart ecommerce forums. This is a great way to find any information about a specific product, service or feature.

The flexibility allows you to manage and customise your webstore however you want. You can pick from a large range of templates, which limits the time spent on designing and configuring the back-end systems.

The Nochex & ZenCart payment gateway helps your business grow.

ZenCart puts merchants and shoppers requirements first. It’s simple and easy to get going, but doesn’t just limit itself to those without IT degrees! The open source code allows you to modify and integrate with various other ecommerce tools.

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Why use ZenCart ecommerce?

ZenCart is free, and relatively easy to setup. You’ll need your own domain name and hosting package before starting to sell.  Because of its open source configuration, it’s easy to configure and tweak to match your company branding.

When choosing a hosting provider, you have many options with ZenCart as it runs on servers with simple requirements of PHP, Apache and MySQL.

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Choosing the Right Provider for Your Business

In addition to its customisable content. ZenCart also has many tools that make it much more useful;

  • Sales tax and shipping cost calculators
  • Image optimisation
  • Support for email integration (both HTML and plain text)
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • SEO support through auto generated meta tags

Still looking for a shopping cart solution?

Nochex integrates with many ecommerce providers.

View more Shopping Cart Providers.

View more Shopping Cart Providers.

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