Online Bill Payments

Nochex online bill payments allow businesses like yours to reduce their payment processing costs and improve customer service. As a result this means you can now offer your customers with the way to pay online anytime and anywhere.

Through Nochex, your organisation can offer your own Branded Payment Gateway. What this means is that all payment pages carry your full branding with a secure link to your Nochex payment pages allowing you to direct customers to to make a payment.

Your payment solution can accept all leading debit and credit cards. Your customers make their bill payments in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, your customers receive an email receipt and payment confirmation each time they pay.

Online Branded Payment Gateway

Through Nochex, your organisation can now offer its own bill payment pages with full branding on to improve online collections and customer service.

With more and more tenants paying their bills online, now is the time to improve your customers’ online payment experience.

Your payment pages are branded to your business’ web style sheet. These pages fully comply with PCI DSS Card Processing Rules. As a result your customers get full peace-of-mind knowing that their payments are safe and secure.

Your customers don’t have to sign-up or log in. And, they won’t need a password. Users can make payments quickly and easily in just a few steps. Upon real-time authorisation, we automatically email to your customers a receipt.

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Online Bill Payments

Internet payments is a secure online payment service that enables your customers to conveniently pay their bills online, free of charge, any time they like.

By simply adding a link to your website, you can direct customers to – where they can make an online payment.

Your customers will have the added ability to choose between regular or one-off bill payments.

Customers simply need internet access and a current debit or credit card.

When they are ready to pay your customers go to your website. There they click through to your secure branded Nochex payments pages. You can either set-up specified amounts that you would like them to pay or they’ll be prompted to enter the amount they wish to pay. Customers then enter the credit or debit card details they wish the payment to be taken from. In addition, you could provide them with a recurring payments mandate to help them make regular payments.

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Firstly, in order to accept online bill payments you need a Nochex Merchant Account, for which there is a once only set-up fee of £50. Thereafter, you simply pay a transaction fee each time you receive a payment. Thereafter, the standard transaction fee is 2.9% + 20p


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