Repeat Prescription Payments for UK Independent Pharmacies

Regularise your income by accepting prescription payments

Repeat Prescription Payments for UK Independent Pharmacies

Repeat Prescription Payments: Your customers come and they go away. But, if you kept them as regular users for longer your business would be more profitable. A continuous authority to take payments for prescriptions doesn’t just benefit you. Indeed, your customers find them convenient as well. Instead of repeatedly giving their card details for routine charges, they authorise us to keep their details on file. For this reason we can charge their card each time they buy from you.

Take repeat prescriptions online within 48 hours from application. No monthly minimums and no set fee, you only pay when someone uses the service. Setting up recurring payments mean you receive your money faster, helps with your cash flow and lowers billing and collection costs. It gets rid of paper bills and automates a portion of your accounts receivable. Improve your customers satisfaction with convenience. Most importantly, setting-up recurring payments is going to help your independent pharmacy to succeed.

With a Nochex account can I set up repeat prescriptions?

Yes, you can. Accordingly you now have at your finger tips a powerful service to automate your customers’ regular recurring payments. Moreover, you have access to a wide selection of tracking and reporting tools – ideal for your business.

By using Nochex for your online payments and repeat prescriptions will make it easier for you to compete with the likes of Wells and Pharmacy2U:

  • Take payments via email links or the online checkout
  • Send reminders so they don’t forget

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Prescription Payments Without Breaking the Bank

As an independent UK pharmacy we offer you the following fantastic savings:

  • No monthly fee
  • No monthly minimum
  • Pay just 4% and 30p per transaction – and you only pay when your customers pay for their repeat prescription via debit or credit card.

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Nochex & the Pharmacy Centre

The guys at the Pharmacy centre understand the struggle of independent pharmacies, in a world where transactions online are growing exponentially, they aim to give a voice online to the independent via their own websites.

Having just released an updated version of their website integrating Nochex payments for their customers was a priority.

Oliver said – “Nochex approached us about repeat prescriptions online a little while ago, and as an SME ourselves it was clear that they get the struggle of independents.”

“If you do not have a website at the moment, Nochex suggest The Pharmacy Centre as their approved partner. You can apply for them here. Use Nochex for 5% amount off”.

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Prescription Payments service features

  • Set up timed credit card and debit card transactions
  • Support recurring payments, subscriptions, and installments
  • Enables billing via all major cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Build fully flexible schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Generate retries of declined transactions
  • Send email notifications to your customers
  • View detailed billing reports and customer transaction histories
  • Stores payment data in PCI DSS compliant data centers
  • Immediate access to the funds in your Nochex account
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