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Can I use Nochex to send an invoice to my customer?

Yes, you can. Running a business means you have to collect payments from your customers for the products or services you supply. When you charge by invoice, you are billing your customers for their purchases. You can request payment when the customers receive the goods or services, or allow them to pay their bill at a later date.

Nochex has created a simple, low-cost way to create and send invoices to your customers via email, and then for you to track their status – paid or unpaid – and send reminders. And we do this without adding any new charges.

No extra charges for sending invoices or receiving payments

Nochex is a payments company; we understand payments. Sending an invoice and getting it paid should not cost any more than any other payment transaction. Some of our competitors charge you an additional monthly fee for being able to send invoices; others apply a higher transaction fee. Nochex believe it is fairer if you pay the same amount for invoices as you do for other types of online payments.

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Tracking your invoices and making sure you get paid

Our customers – merchants running businesses just like yours – told us just how they wanted the Nochex invoice service – MyInvoice – to work. Their biggest pain was being able to track which invoices had been paid and which had not. And they wanted to easily track invoices that had not been paid. Our service makes it really simple to see who has been sent an invoice, whether they have paid or not, and if not, how to send them a reminder to pay.

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MyInvoice service features

  • Simple to set-up and start using
  • No extra charges for sending invoices
  • No limit on the number of invoices you can send
  • Perfect out-of-the-box solution for small businesses
  • Get a dedicated Nochex account manager to help with your business
  • Fast and easy access to your money
  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Your customers won’t need an account in order to pay you
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