Christmas E-commerce Tips

Christmas Ecommerce Tips to Grow Sales!

Christmas Ecommerce Tips to Grow Your Business This Festive Season!


Yes, that’s right, it’s Christmas time… We know it might be a bit premature, but getting ready for your Christmas ecommerce season takes quite some time.

We’ve created these Christmas ecommerce tips to help you grow your sales, and to keep any new customers returning through the New Year.

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Why bother making changes to your website for Christmas?

As we write this article (12th September) there’s just 103 days left before Christmas. Obviously, customers like to get their shopping done early so they can focus on the festivities.

As a business owner you’ll be aware that Christmas is an important part of the year, not just for ecommerce! This year it’s estimated Britons will spend roughly £850 on Christmas.

Christmas Ecommerce Tips

Delivery Notice

Make it clear when the last day of ordering is for Christmas delivery. This encourages users to complete their purchases, and avoids disappointment.

Festive Website Theme

Creating a fun, festive website increases engagement and conversions. Bright colours attract attention, and themed backgrounds often mean users spend more time on a particular site.

Landing Page

Create a Christmas themed landing page, where customers can see any special festive offers you may have.

Discount Codes

Using a Christmas discount code gives people a compelling reason to complete a purchase. Display this on your Christmas landing page as well as reminding them on various other pages.

Free Delivery

So, you might think this eats in to your bottom line. However, delivery fees are often the leading cause of drop-offs. Giving free delivery helps conversions, and that means more sales!

Use Bundles and Gift Sets

Gift sets are a great way to increase your margins. Discounted bundles are great gifts for family and friends, and perfect for stockings!

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