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If you’re looking to accept payments online, you’re in the right place! Nochex has been enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to accept card payments for nearly 20 years.

Uniquely we prove a powerful 2-in-1 combination of a merchant account and payment gateway. This gives you access to some of the most powerful tools in the market.

Nochex was one of the pioneers of online payments, established as it was in 1999. It quickly became the leading UK-based payment option on eBay. Since then Nochex has continued to carry the flag for British payments.

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There are lots of ways for you to get paid with Nochex.


Our payment gateway enables your ecommerce business to take card payments whichever you want. This means you can accept payments through your website, by email or invoice, or scheduled payments.

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Our simple, low cost ‘pay-by-link’ email payments service is a great way for you to accept payments online. Moreover, our powerful dashboard gives you the ability to send reminders, view outstanding payments, and manage any refunds.

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Our virtual terminal allows you to accept card payments over the phone faster, and more securely. Specifically, you can take cards in a PCI compliant way over the phone using Nochex.

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Why Nochex is your ideal partner for payments?

No monthly fees

No hidden charges

Dedicated UK Account manager

Merchant Account & Payment Gateway in one solution

No contracts that tie you in

Hundreds of technical support guides

Integration with hundreds of shopping carts

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Have a question about accepting payments online?

Take a look at some of our FAQs below!

As a small UK business owner why should I accept card payments?

Did you know that 96% of UK adults has a purchase card? If you don’t accept cards you are cutting yourself off from almost all of your customers. Just think how much more business you could be doing if you accepted cards!
And, not only is your potential customer base much larger if you accept card payments, but the opportunities for people to shop is increased. Being able to accept card payments means your customers can buy on impulse, and in so doing giving them the opportunity to spend more, and more often.
What is more if you accept card payments online or by phone or via a card machine you don’t have to hold so much cash or spend so much time cashing up and clearing cheques at the bank. These days your ‘local’ bank could be far away; being able to accept card payments could mean a rest for your feet and save you time to boot.
If you’re worried about security, don’t be. Once everything is in place, you can receive instant authorisation that funds from card transactions are being sent directly to your account.

How do I start to accept card payments?

To begin accepting card payments you need two things: a merchant account and a payment gateway. A merchant account is a ‘place’ – just like a bank account – for your payments to go to. A payment gateway is the ‘means’ to take a payment – like a ‘pay now’ button on your website.
Fortunately, we provide both these things in one Nochex Account when you sign-up with us.
Opening an account is very straightforward: we need to know a little about you – name and address, for example – and about your business. If you are at all worried about the questions we might ask – or how you might answer them – talk to us. Our team is here to make the process of opening an account really easy.
We like to talk to you when you get an account so we can build a picture of what you want to achieve. Then, we help you to achieve your goal. Accepting card payments may seem complicated, but we turn a daunting task into an easy one.

What is the best way for me to accept card payments?

All businesses are different and there are as many ways to take payments as there are circumstances in which you can get paid.
We find that many people start off by accepting card payments online, because it is so straightforward. Once you have your Nochex Account it is simply the case of adding our payment service to your website. This can be done via a shopping cart or as simply as a Pay Now button. You can set this up yourself with our straightforward user guide or get a developer to do it for you.
If your customers like to talk to you before making a purchase, you may want to use telephone payments. Alternatively, if you provide a service and then ask to be paid, you can send an invoice. Finally, a point of sale device is right for a traditional shop. Moreover, if you sell away from your base – at markets, at a sports club, or at a customer’s home then a mobile point of sale device (MPOS) will be right for you.
Whatever your circumstances we can guide you to the right solution.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are simple and straightforward. When you set-up your Nochex Account there is a once only charge of £50. In addition, to use our online service you will pay a transaction fee: our standard transaction fee is 2.9% + 20p per transaction. Lower rates are available and are subject to the nature of your business and the volume and value of your transactions.
To use our other services you won’t need to pay for another Nochex Account. Before you pay anything we will supply you with our terms and highlight everything you need to be aware of.
Generally, we don’t ask you to pay monthly fees. However, there may be circumstances in which it is more cost effective for you, or a consideration for us that monthly charges are applied. We will always make charges clear to you before you enter into an agreement with us.

How do I get paid and how long do payments take to appear in my bank?

You can decide how you want to get paid: many of our merchants prefer to come to their Nochex Account and arrange a withdrawal whenever they want, while others prefer to set up an auto payment that transfers funds on a regular basis.
Typically, funds take two or three days to transfer from your Nochex Account to your bank account. In practise Nochex releases the funds on day one and the bank clearing system takes about three days to transfer and clear the funds into your bank account.

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