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Our fees.

Charity payment processing: our low cost donations platform platform – Nochex for Charities – charges 1.9% + 20p on every donation.

If we administer Gift Aid collections on your behalf our administration fee is 15% on all Gift Aid collections.

That’s it.

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Here’s a list of things we don’t charge for.

  • Annual Membership Fee – nil
  • Monthly Fee –  nope, we don’t have one of these
  • Donation Fee – doesn’t exist
  • Platform Fee – its free

Does Nochex for Charities cost less than other donations platforms?

Yes, it does.

We started working out how much cheaper and then we gave up when we realised just how complicated our rivals’ fee structures were: Do they add the gift aid to the donation and then charge the charity payment processing fee? How many donations do you have to receive before you get the discounted rate? So they charge you a big lump sum for gift aid!?

We’re pretty sure that in most circumstances you are going to keep more of the money donated to you when you use our nonprofit fundraising platform. But, why don’t you work it out for yourself?


What does your donations processor charge you?

Well, quite a lot really.

Here is a list of some of the most popular donations platforms, with a link to their prices pages and some of the charges you could easily miss:

  • Local Giving – look out for their membership fee of £96 per year and their extraordinary donation fee of 5%!
  • EveryClick – has a smorgasbord of charges! Look out for the 4.8% donations fee.
  • CAF Donate – oblige donors to pay an eye-watering 3.6% on donations AND on gift aid.
  • JustGiving – charges a monthly fee, and takes a share of your gift aid, almost 2% on charity payment processing. JustGiving and then just give a bit more!
  • Virgin Money Giving – likes to compare itself favorably with JustGiving, but beware the annual fee and the blink and you’ll miss it 3.45% ‘card processing’ fee.

Trust us, they’ve made their fees as complicated as possible so that you can’t see just how much you and your donors are paying out.

Fortunately, we have created some handy links (above) to their fees so you can check for yourself just how much money they charge you.

What does Nochex for Charities charge in practise?

Our low cost donations platform. Here are two examples based on two popular donation amounts. Most of our donors add gift aid so we have included that as standard:

Example 1 – a £20 donation plus gift aid of £5

  • Donation of £20 x 1.9% = 38p + 20p = 58p
  • Gift aid of £5 = 0p
  • Total charge = 58p
  • Donation + gift aid received by charity = £25 – 58p = £24.42

Example 2 – a £100 donation plus gift aid of £25

  • Donation of £100 x 1.9% = £1.90 + 20p = £2.10
  • Gift aid of £25 = 0p
  • Total charge = £2.10
  • Donation + gift aid received by charity = £125 – £2.10 = £122.90

So, out of a £20 donation you receive over 97% of the amount donated and on £100 you keep over 98%.

It really is that simple – can your donation processor say the same?

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We’d like to know what you think

We have done our best to offer charities a very simple and low cost way to receive donations. However, if you think there is some way we could make our nonprofit fundraising platform cost even less or be even better, please let us know.

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 by Broughton parish on Nochex
Better than virgin money giving

Really happy with our new donations page, works great and I can send the link to our parish members by email

 by John Dartmouth on Nochex

We received an email from Nochex to help us take donations. We used to use BT Mydonate but that's since closed - CharityChex is a great alternative.

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