Abantecart & Nochex

Learn how to accept payments in your Abantecart store with Nochex

AbanteCart is a free eCommerce application that is designed, built and supported by experienced enthusiasts who are passionate about their work and contributions to the project. This is not commercial endeavour, and we made no rush decisions or shortcuts. We like what we do and strongly believe that AbanteCart one of the best, most state-of-the-art eCommerce platforms available. AbanteCart operates based on donations and other contributions, marketplace proceeds and financial support from advertisers.

Abantecart grows your online business!

If you’re looking for an excellent solution for your eCommerce project, you’ll love AbanteCart. AbanteCart is an enterprise-grade shopping-cart (or eCommerce platform) for small- to medium-size online businesses. Its many features offer numerous advantages over other applications.

  • It is free, with free support.
  • Easy to start, and fun to use.
  • Fast and Secure.

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Why use Abantecart?

Power your eCommerce with solution designed and built for dynamic and fast growing online businesses. Free open source, with no limits, monthly or transaction fees, customizable eCommerce. Make AbanteCart your top choice ecommerce platform by following the lead of thousands businesses running AbanteCart now.

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Integrating Nochex into your Abantecart store

Once you’ve got your Abantecart store setup and configured.

You simply need to implement Nochex and start accepting online payments by following our integration guide;

Abantecart Version 1.3.2

Downloading our Module

GitHub – Nochex Module for Abantecart

Guide for installing Nochex into Abantecart

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Your Abantecart payment gateway – Next Steps

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