5 Quick and Easy SEO Tips You Can Do NOW!

Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Business

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5 Quick and Easy SEO Tips you can do NOW!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, it’s a digital marketing technique that search engines, like Google, use to match keyword searches with website content.

This could be for product searches, such as “bikes for sale” or a search for a place such as, “the capital of England”. Google then returns what it believes are the most accurate, relevant and trusted websites to solve this query.

SEO can help you increase visitors to your website, where you hope to convert these into paying customers!

Organic Search

Organic Search is a huge part in website performance. It is the primary source of website traffic.

Google vs Other Search Engines

Google is the most dominant search engine with 75% of the market.

Trust & Credibility

Good SEO shows trust and credibility to customers. These take time, so SEO should always be a business objective.

User Experience

Good SEO often leads to a better user experience. Customer know what they want, and if they cant find it, there’s going to be a problem. Then performance will suffer.

SEO Tips


Ensure your site is secure. Using an SSL certificate enables you to have a HTTP(S) website. This additional layer of security is picked up by search engines, and is now a leading rank factor. Google wants to deliver secure websites rather than un-secure websites.


Focus on 2-4 keywords per page. Use the most common keyword in the page title, description and sub-headings. Try to focus your content around this keyword, and its synonyms. Don’t spam the keyword, try to make it sound natural.


40% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Remove any large files, such as videos, images or unnecessary plugins. Quick websites save customers time. Remember your aim is to solve a users query.


Update your website frequently. If you’re writing content on a particular subject, keep it fresh. This helps Google crawl your site, and search engines often reward new, updated content.

Writing Style

Write for the user, not the search engine. Users want their query to be answered, in an easy to digest way. So make it readable, and easy to understand.

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